Rtl #2

After seeing the pictures and videos from this years Ride the Lobster, I’ve been inspired to purchase a 36’er and begin riding it pretty seriously. My question is, when will the next RTL be?

Is it safe to assume there will be one next year around the same time?

Is it completely up in the air?

I think it was going to be every 2 years if it happens again.

You’re close, but no cigar.

RTL took about two years to plan. Therefore, if there were another RTL, it couldn’t happen any sooner than two years from now.

For it to happen every two years, that’d take some very patient and determined people. We’ve yet to hear from anyone volunteering to plan the next RTL.

Remember, for these events to happen, we need people that will make them happen!

I believe that much of the planning could be streamlined, I imagine that for this first-of-its-kind event a lot of things had to be figured out from scratch. A repeat event could benefit from the groundwork laid in by these organizers and shouldn’t take that long to set up again.

I don’t know if this event will ever repeat but I’m certain that this was the start of something, there will be other events of similar scale in other locales.

If I had to guess I’d say there might be another RTL in Nova Scotia again in 2 years with the same or simular routes. Since it was already here and everything is known it would be much easier to do it again a second time. Of course we’d need the same organizers or new ones to make it happen and I don’t think it’d be “free” as in some of the meals and lodging and support vehicle. Just my thoughts…

A couple of us from my team have thought about having a simular race in Southern California but I don’t know if it’d actually happen or not in 2 years. It’d take a lot of work (for free) and we don’t know if we can commit to it at this time but maybe sometime in the future we might be able to do it? Our idea would be to go from San Francisco to LA on the Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1). Any opinons from others about a route like this? I think they have a bike race on this route and think it’d be a very scenic, hilly route good for a uni race…

That would be a fun route
whats the shoulder on that road like?

I’ve driven HWY1 north out of San Fran in an RV and there wasn’t room for even a one-wheeler on the shoulder next to us. We didn’t see any bikes along the route.