RSU fan kit........for sale

finally a package that enables the casual unicyclist to become a full fledged fan all at once! short of the unicycle itself here is your chance to become one with thee elite!

items include:

  1. the ET shirt,hardly ever worn and never machined dry.

  2. the rare light green Cali Muni Week-end shirt from 2003 (never worn due to swank color)

  3. the illusive shirt (this is crux of the biscut) this is the corner stone of any would be RSU fan boy for sure.

now lets talk about the bonus items to this kit! count them…3 precious issues of On One Wheel are to be had here.Also dont forget about the non-tranferable membership papers to the Unicyclist Society of America that come with this fabulous package!

this could all be yours for just 20 dollars plus shipping,and when i get my 4th an final OWW mag i will sent it to the buyer free of charge!

(all shirts size large)

this is not an April fool

wide angle

YOu must be desperate for 20 bucks. whats caught your eye while the pigy banks empty?


Surely at least the shirts would be worth keeping for yourself?! They’re beautiful.


jagur -

Check your PMs.

nope,i just dont want to wear shirts made by gilby anymore.i also needed to free up some hangers.

Andrew,beauty is in the eye of the grudge holder :wink:

Jagur, what grudge do you hold against me? In any case, only two of those shirts were made by me.

jagur has held a grudge against me for some time, it dates back to shortly after breaking my neck. ohh well, he’s a weirdo along with his idol MJ.
i’m thinking about selling all my unicycle equipment, so i don’t own anything that he has ridden.

Is there a past to this grudge that can be shared? If secrecy is desired, it is understood.

And if you haven’t had a buyer yet, this is one boy who really wants a uni t-shirt! Pwease jagur, pwease.


Surely the “other stuff” in the picture is worth the $20, maybe a bit more. But the OOW mag with the write-up of Midwest Regionals has to be approaching priceless! I’m surprised you haven’t placed it in a place of prominence among your other prized unicycle possessions. After all, the articles were written by none other than me (with some slight editing by the editors (hence the name) to make sense of my ramblings). :smiley: