Royal Riders

Are the Royal Riders a unicycle gang? If so, only Muni Militia, One Wheeled Warriors, ThunderWheels and Hell on Wheel were included in that poll a while back, but the Royal Riders (if they are a gang!) have such a cool name! Anyway, if the Royal Riders are a gang, how does one go about joining them? And where are they based?

The One Wheeled Warriors are way better than the Royal Riders, anyway.

I think they’re based in British Columbia, here’s their album.

Does it matter? Why’d u want to be in a gang anyway? Rather call it a team than a gang.



ya, we’re based in BC by the by the royal riders skool the one wheel warriors

At least the One Wheeled Warriors are literate…

warrior pride!

Joining Royal Riders

The royal riders are not just a crew we are a tight group of friends. And Until you move to some where near us where we can ride with you daily, i don’t think joining us is going to happen.


Warrior Pride…phffffffff…your cool now :wink:

Warriors huh…are you for hire cause we need some help to fight off some other loser uni gangs…Cough(hell on wheel)CoughCough(twin cities)Cough(thunder wheels)CoughCoughCough(muni militia)Cough…

There is only 8 members in the RR and that is alot of unicyclists.

By the by we can spell its called street Slang…ass clown!

RR run dese streets… Foo

Mr. Bertness

uhh what the hell

why would you want to join Royal Riders? We dont even know you and you live in some foriegn place in the middle of know were!!! well the UK… lol.

Its flattering that you want to join us but were full up. Plus, robby counts as 3 riders,HA!

so really theres 11 ( Uni_Yetti ) llolololololol

oh ya and every other “gang” sucks a schmukison berry.


RR rules you fag nuts

From the looks of your albums, it seems to me that Justin is the only one with any skills

But, I admit, he can drop.

sometime I’ll have to upload my videos. Show you what this warrior can do…

RR… you got to be kidding me…

warriors go to prison… ewwwww you know what goes on there;) hahaha warriors are gay

lol RR is better then warrior (gay) pride

This is the most ridiculous stuff i have ever read. As if unicycle gangs don’t sound strange enough, turf wars being waged on an internet community is even more pointless.

kids, grow up. You are Unicyclists! C’mon. This is a sport that is not just about what you’re doing, but the kind of people it takes to do something like this. We are all very talented and dedicated individuals for just taking the chance of getting on top of one. Now if you are going to let something like skill level and sheer pride for your organizations get between you. You shouldn’t even be on a uni in the first place.

Me and my big mouth. Or should I say, big fingers. I don’t actually want to join any gangs (but I’ll gladly accept any muni militia Ts anyone wants to give me :wink: ), just thought the Royal Riders had a nice name and wondered why they weren’t included in the recent rather amusing debates. I know why now! Try to forget anything was mentioned! EVER! Let equilibrium be restored! Oh yeah, I have gay friends, and they’re cool, so I’m not sure how big an insult that is. And tie your shoes up tighter.

you should join the muni militia I will be printing some t’s soon I hope. I think the turf wars are dumb too, but i am not letting thunderwheels act like they own england when, they don’t!

sorry i did not get as far as you sayin that u wanted to join the militia. I am in england p.m me and we will talk t’s lol

Consider yourself PMd! :slight_smile:

the reason you think justin is the only good one is cuz SOME genious(uni_yettie) lost my vid cam… HOW DO YOU LOSE A CAMERA!!!

how the hell do you loose a camera??? that’s like forgeting 2 put on shoes or something…ok mayb not:(


who would spread such garbadgeespecially since it’s not true, the onl;y good unicycling organization is WORLD WIDE UNICYCLE CLUC-THE WORLDS GREATEST

so please don’t spread this poonany.

here’s a joke.
what do you call winnie the poohs grandma??

answere: poohnany.


Jeez now I must kill you all, well not me personally I’m to big of an organization to handle it myself. I’ve sent team of snipers on the roof man to kill some…most…all of you sorry.


I am still here logan you shooter’s dead mwhaa!