Round Unicycle Frame for trials

I think that most people have misunderstood the meaning of trials. I did until a couple of days back.
Trials (as I’m aware of now) is literally getting from point A to B of obstacles doing static jumps and sidehopping and stuff. Street, which I got mixed up with, is where you do trials in urban or natural areas but with rolling hops and most importantly TRICKS.
I do not know if my interperatation of this is correct or not, but if so, I was thinking for my first trials unicycle if I should get a rounded frame or not, because I suck at tricks, and much prefer Pure Trials, then I do not see why it is neccesary to have a squared frame. and it has its advantages, like not killing your knees on sketchy SIF side hop landings, and its general shape being stronger and whatnot.

Please state reasons and opinions on what you think. I’m open for suggestions.

ISIS hubs have 42mm bearings, I don’t thing round-crowned frames will fit them properly.

I did think about that, I will have to ask
but go onto Unicycle Product Reviews, Custom nimbuses, and check out the bottom of the first page. I think it looks pretty sick

Yeah thats cool, maybe it does work then!

Yeah, and like that guy mentioned (whoever owned it), you do not neccesarily need it, and also grip tape on the side may do the job. I can’t glide or coast yet anyway! Oh and I will be getting it in yellow like his. All I need now is anouther £70 or so and I will be fine…

I never hit my knee on a normal frame so I dont need a round one.
Many good trials rider are realy good in coasting (Zack, Kris and Ryan for example) because they have a good balance you cant do this with a round frame but it can help you if you want to increase your balance.
I also like it to mix my styles a little bit 90% of my unicycle time I spent with trials riding but sometimes it is just cool to do some standup or another trick (for example if a person ask you if you can do tricks as well).