Roman Numerals

How to tell what that funny arrangement of letters called Roman Numerals mean.
Look at the back end of a Lincoln Mark VII. What’s it mean? It’s a Mark 7 in
plain English.

Ever buy an Italian tire with the size in Roman Numerals? Enter the letters in
this Basic program and it will tell the Arabic numbers.(English)

Ever look in the front of a book and see some funny looking writing like
MCMXLVII ? It’s the copyright date in Roman Numerals. I wrote a Basic program to
decipher them. Give it a try.

PRINT:CLOSE:COLOR 15,1:CLS 30 PRINT:PRINT:PRINT" This program converts Roman
Numerals to Arabic numbers, (English)":PRINT 40 INPUT" Enter a Roman Numeral
“;N$ 50 IF N$=”“THEN END 60 N=LEN(N$) 70 FOR A=1 TO N 80 T$=”":T$=MID$(N$,A,1)
90 IF T$="I"OR T$="i"THEN T1=1:GOTO 170 100 IF T$="V"OR T$="v"THEN T1=5:GOTO 170
110 IF T$="X"OR T$="x"THEN T1=10:GOTO 170 120 IF T$="L"OR T$="l"THEN T1=50:GOTO
170 130 IF T$=“C"OR T$=“c"THEN T1=100:GOTO 170 140 IF T$=“D"OR T$=“d"THEN
T1=500:GOTO 170 150 IF T$=“M"OR T$=“m"THEN T1=1000:GOTO 170 160 PRINT” “;T$;” is
not a valid Roman Numeral”:END 170 T(A)=T1 180 IF A>1 AND T(A-1)<T(A)THEN
T=T-(2*T(A-1)) 190 T=T+T1 200 NEXT A 210 PRINT” The Total for “;N$;” is”;T 220
PRINT:INPUT” Do another”;AS$ 230 IF AS$<>"N"AND AS$<>"n"THEN RUN

Just do a cut and paste into wherever you keep your Basic programs. You do have
GWBASIC don’t you? Put it in the same Dir and load and run it. Enter some Roman
Numerals and it will give you the answer in plain english numbers.