Rolling Trials Sections @ Rays...

Here are some Rolling Trials Sections from Rays with my estimated difficulty ratings for the 36” (Pilot) class. Keep in mind that many of the pictures posted do not show the entire Section area, such as the run-up or perhaps the exit. Since the attached pics do not display the entire area you need to see, it will be even harder for you to gauge the difficulty level (which can never really be determined too accurately, anyway, until you actually ride the Section). I copied my “Database” difficulty ratings (formally organized competitions do not have official difficulty ratings… they are used just for reference… exactly like in unitrials) to this thread and pasted it at the bottom, so that you don’t have to jump to my previous thread in order to access them. Since Rays is currently the single worldwide location that has the most MTB Sections under one roof, any Rolling Trials competitor who can clean the most Sections at Rays is likely to also be the “Database” champion… unless some hotshot (practicing at his local MTB park or building his own Sections, perhaps) also gains some skills at the local skatepark… and then comes to Rays and cleans house in addition to nailing some of the most difficult skatepark Lines!

Here are the Sections at Rays: (an official competition would indicate the “start point”, “entry point”, and “exit point”… but since all of these points can’t be seen in every picture, I’ll just indicate the points that can be seen.)

[B]Over the Logpile and around the Bend:[/B] Ride over the logpile and around the bend.
Entry Point: Beginning of flat ramp prior to logpile
Exit Point: Beyond log that supports the track on the other side of the bend (across from the log pile)
Difficulty Rating: 4

Database Difficulty Ratings:

10 = Never successfully completed by any of the top ten rated riders/pilots & 1st
rider/pilot to complete
9.X = Completed by fewer than 10 rated riders/pilots (X = a number from 1 – 9
and designates the # of riders to successfully complete the Section) 9.1 is
followed by the name of the 1st rider to complete the Section (for example:
9.1 JFoss would mean John Foss earned 10 points as the first person to
complete a 10 rated Section. The next 9 riders/pilots to complete that
same Section in the future will earn 9 points, as it is easier to complete a
Section that you know for sure is 100% doable. Once 9 riders complete the
Section, it then becomes a level 8 difficulty Section, unless it can be
completed by 5 of the top riders in 12 (or fewer) attempts
8 = Any level 9 Section that is completed by 10 or more riders in more than 12
attempts becomes a level 8 Section AND any Section in which the average

of attempts of 5 of the top 10 rated riders/pilots is greater than 12

7 = Average # of attempts of 5 of the top 10 rated riders/pilots: 10 - 12
6 = Average # of attempts of 5 of the top 10 rated riders/pilots: 7 - 9
5 = Average # of attempts of 5 of the top 10 rated riders/pilots: 4 - 6
4 = Average # of attempts of 5 of the top 10 rated riders/pilots: 1 - 3
3 = 5 of the top 10 rated riders/pilots can complete the Section 3 times in 3 attempts.

[I]In order to be a “rated” Pilot/Jockey/Runner (PJR), you must earn a minimum of 20 points by cleaning Sections that have a difficulty rating of 6 or higher (you are awarded the point value of the Section/Line if you clean it) OR you must earn your rating by accumulating 10 points through formally organized Rolling Trials competitions (3 points for a win, 2 points for second place, and 1 point for third place).



Over the Small Pyramid: Ride up the small launch ramp, down the landing ramp and 12 feet beyond where the landing ramp meets the floor.
Entry Point: 2 feet prior to the ramp
Exit Point: 12 feet beyond the ramp
Difficulty Rating: 3

Over the Large Pyramid: Ride up the quarter-pipe launch ramp on the right and down the landing ramp and 12 feet beyond where the landing ramp meets the floor.
Entry Point: 2 feet prior to the ramp
Exit Point: 12 feet beyond the ramp
Difficulty Rating: 4


[U]Across 2 skinnies:[/U] Ride down the narrow ramp, across the first skinny, around the bend, and then cross the second skinny to the next wider segment
Entry Point: Prior to the narrow downramp.
Exit Point: As soon as you cross onto the wider segment after the 2nd skinny.
Difficulty Rating: 5


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