rolling hop

will someone explain the technique for a rolling hop. i have been unable to utilize the momentum to actually make a better jump. thanks.

I learnt by basically “rushing” a stationary hop. Start by rolling along, stopping, and jumping without any pre-hops or much of a pause. Then just repeat, trying to get the pause down as much as possible; stop as quickly as possible, jam that foot down on the back pedal as it rises. Sooner or later you’ll find there’s no discernable period between stopping and jumping, and all that effort put in to stop you quickly gets used to propel you through the air.

Tada, rolling hops…


ok, but should the rolling hop be higher or farther than a stationary hop?

I’ve been working on rolling hops as well.

Check out’s tips page on rolling hops . There’s a great explanation there.


dan heaton told me something to the extent of, “i just try to convert all of my forward motion into upward”. this didn’t help me whatsoever, but he was dead on because that’s exactly what it is. you just want to ride with some speed, stop just as your cranks get horizontal with each other, push down/forward, and then pop up into the air, then pull up your legs right when you’re about to reach maximum height. i used to not be able to do this very well, but recently i’ve found myself getting better at it…right when i’ve basically abandoned it for seat-out jumps, hehe. both are good really, and needed, so i guess i’ll keep practicing both of them.

and also, plan to do your jump in a couple of revolutions while you’re riding, and on the initial jump revolution, push down on your pedals extra hard when getting into the horizontal crank position for a better jump.

Rolling Hops

I learned to do rolling hops by studying how Dan Heaton does them.

First he gets speed, then right before his cranks are even (jumping position), he leans forward. Then he jumps with his spine straight, while loosing some speed and at the top of his jump height he does a “pike”, which is like liftening the wheel up and almost touching it with his hand. The pike makes up for the lost speed.

I am 14 and my rolling hops are up to almost 2 ft. good luck!


the site is great - somehow i had missed it in the past…thanks guys

make sure that in addition to following the above advice.
you make you put your seat realy low.

good point - thanks