rolling hop trouble

when i attempt a rolling hop at high speeds i usally end up reving the tire or pedaling in mid air how can i stop this? am i pulling up too hard or what?

in uni, a rolling hop isn’t really rolling. it’s more a smooth static hop. i know i know, those unicyclist are tricky people. lol. basically rollup to an object and just as you go to hope you’re going to pause, just briefly, and then jump. as you get better at it the pause will become less and less until it feels like a true rolling hope. and eventually it will be, it’s just a matter of learning the weight distribution. hope that helps a little

ahhhhh lol duh that explains alot thanks :stuck_out_tongue: so all i really know to do is stop but keep the momentum with my body to launch forward and up?

you’ve got it, your wheel stops slightly, your body keeps moving forward to help propel you up and out.

You mean you don’t like pedaling in the air? It’s like a beginners crankflip. You should learn to master such an act because it’s kind of fun.

actually it’s called a rev and they’re only fun when you can do them when you want to do them. if you have no control over it you end up just pedaling wildly and then bailing. learn to rolling hop before you learn to rev.

they are a lot of fun, especially if you combine them with crankflips after landing and only pedaling a rev, or half rev if you can do switch revs.

Lol glad to hear that nit of info. I was afraid i was doing them wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

i learned to hop and ride out of that first. then started to learn how to roll hop. with just jumping up curbs and small stuff. that got me to jump highish is well

i need some help… i can rolling hop around 1 foot maybe closer to 1 and a half but i can never use my rolling hop because i always find myself jumping up and never going forward so i tend to just jump up and land right back down where i was and going faster doesnt seem to help. :thinking:

Try and jump up things sideways…
Like, ride along beside, ‘stop’ and do your ‘rolling hop’ to the side, then keep going :slight_smile:

ur right i think jumping sideways will help to get me onto things but does anyone know what i should do when i want to start jumping straight onto things?

Gradually turn the angle you approach things at, until you are able to hop onto it in a forwards motion (does that make sense?)

yeah ill give it a go tomorrow! thanks

You wont get it overnight, just take your time and you will gradually get it down.