Rolling hop advice

Hi all, I know there have been loads of threads about rolling hops and I have already searched the archives, but it’s a specific question I have and have only seen possible answers come up a couple of times and they seem to conflict!

Anyway- when do you compress your tyre? Is it the moment your cranks get to horizontal or just before then, on the downward pedal? I’ve just started playing around with these hops, and I seem to be getting along better with the second method- but would I benefit from doing it the other way?


I think what I do is pedal along, then put pressure on the back pedal when it’s about 15 degrees from horizontal (that’s just a very rough guess). This, as well as me pushing down a the whole uni a bit, automatically compresses the tyre. At this stage, my body is crouched down and I quickly lift it up with the uni following. I hope that helps a bit. I’m not particularly good at rolling hops though, and not at all at high rolling hops.

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yeah i think as i said THINK that i do it a bit a little before the flat postion and then harder when pedals/cranks are flat. It just takes loads of practice and you gradually get higher! I think i am at bench hight on a 19" trials now now sure tho!

I agree with compressing it when the cranks get almost flat, for me they dont completly get flat and I can hop 83cm offically so It cant be all that bad.


scrub through the begining part of this video:

My tire was pretty flat so i was almost compressed to the rim. But i go with a little before the flat postion as well.

Hope this helps. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Great clip!


Rhysling (a.k.a. Christopher LeFay) did a frame by frame analysis of Dan Heaton doing a big rolling hop up on to the hood of a car. See the thread: Dan Heaton’s Amazing Jump Analyzed (pic).

The links in the thread are no longer valid so I have copied the video and graphic to my Miscellaneous Stuff gallery. The original video was done by Jeff Lutkus. The frame by frame analysis graphic was done by Christopher LeFay (rhysling). I edited the video to clean up the interlacing and shorten the length.

Open the video in a program like VirtualDub to step through the video frame by frame. You’ll be able to see at what point of the pedal stroke Dan starts compressing the tire.

Wow, thanks for the replies, they’ve been really helpful- especially the vids! I’m getting the hang of them now, though no great height yet!

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