Rola - Bola

Hi there…

I don´t know if I chose the right word for the thing I want to ask tricks for.
It´s simply a board which lies upon a metal - tube.

I made one today and was surprised of the feeling on it, I was so surprised,
that I decided to take all or nothing and to jump-mount it. The most surprising
thing was that it worked!

So I´m keen on learning new tricks and want to know if someone has ever tried to
use it in combination with a unicycle. It might be quite interesting to try it.

Thanks, Jan.

Re: Rola - Bola

Unicycling on the rolla bolla sounds tough. You might do well to try a stack.
Its easy, and gets alot of response from onlookers. You simply use 2 boards. On
one you put three cigar boxes on either end, then stack the second board on
top, and mount it. I used to perform this, the mount is great for tension
building. Cheers.