Rockville Hills Park, Fairfield, CA or surrouding area.

Hey if anyone ever goes on a ride up at Rockville Hills park (Northern CA), or the surrounding area pls contact me. I am a pretty new rider and not super good, but I would like to ride with other unicyclist.

Rockville Hills is a great park; here are some shots from the rides we did there last year:


We’ll be doing at least one road trip up that way in our Moab preparation; join our mailing list if you want to keep informed:

I just went yesterday, and now I cannot walk.

Cool! Rockville will tire you out, no doubt; there’s not a lot of big climbs or descents, but the stuff that’s there is so technical that it takes a lot of energy and you wind up falling on rocks a fair amount.

We’ll probably be up there in mid-late February.

Ya I’m not nearly good enough for the technical stuff. As far as decents and whatnot there are some pretty steep areas at the back entrance. Not sure if you are really supposed to be back there, but there is some cool stuff. Most of the middle is just kinda flat up by the lakes though.

how come there is no road map ,only for roads that fit for riding :slight_smile: or is there?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, but there’s a good map at The most fun parts of the park are the section at the lower right, the Rock Gardens trail, the Cave Trail, and the Quarry Trail.

Cool, lets go!:smiley: