RockShox Uni!!!

I stumbled upon this page, I am sure many of you have seen it but for those who have not…

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those pics popped up in a thread about suspension travel and the likelyhood of the fork hitting the tyre during serious compression
it was kinda interresting for a while and then the guys with the big words pulled in and i kinda lost interest

u should be able to get those to bounce up and down while u’re waiting at the traffic lights

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it’s a long story…

I don’t personally think it’d be advantageous to have any form of suspension on a uni myself but it’s still nice to see people testing technology in a one wheeled perspective… :smiley:

the only advantage I can see to using suspension, would be to have suspension that locks out rigid. then you could ride it like a normal (but much cooler-looking) MUni, then when you are standing atop a 10 foot drop, engage the suspension, land the drop in pure comfort, lock out the shock again and ride away.

I’ll own a unicycle like this someday.

So are you planning on doing 10’ drops sitting down?


No, but when you hit from a high drop, even though you take most of the impact with your feet, at least you know would have a few inches of absorbtion under your goodies.

Nothing… NOTHING can absorb any impact with the boys. Even the smallest bit of impact can… oh… i don’t even want to think about it.