Road riding tips/advice

Isn’t this redundant to those guys in the UK?

I would like to respond to some points made without quoting the original text.

1.) People are not concerned for the safety of others. Left-wing loonies use this to mask their desire to control the actions of others.

2.) Some people ARE out to get you. In the US and the UK there are places where you WILL be attacked for riding a unicycle. This is what right-wing loonies do to mask their desire to control the actions of others.

3.) Laws vary geographically concerning vehicles, operators, and their interaction with traffic. This is where left-wing loonies and right-wing loonies get together to actually control the actions of others.

4.) Getting older does not make one better at rational long-term risk analysis. Getting older makes one a bigger chicken.

5.) One does not wear a helmet in traffic to protect oneself from falling off of a unicycle and hitting one’s head. A helmet is worn in traffic to protect one from the 3 ton SUV being piloted by the soccer mom talking to her friend on a cell phone about yesterdays “Oprah” program while simultaneously turning around and telling her little munchkins that the Disney DVD they’re watching is on too loud. The munchkins are unresponsive because they’re too busy watching the rapid approach of the back of the strange unicyclist through the windshield.

6.) If a traffic rule is ignored when no one is close enough to be affected and the one who ignores it is not caught, a law has not been broken. Unfortunately an individual’s life has briefly left the control of others and the universe suffers greatly as a result of this. The universe generally gets over little twitches like these very quickly. You may take this principle to the limit where the other people are so close they’re sitting in your lap. Hopefully those people will be Joe Marshall’s women in low cut tops.

Some comments on Harper’s comments:

Hey, wait a minute! I myself am occasionally concerned for the safety of others. Therefore some other people probably are too. Of course Harper is talking about everybody else.

I don’t know. I’m definitely a bigger chicken, but I’m definitely better (more realistic) at rational long-term analysis. I think we improve at that based on mistakes we’ve made over the years. For example, you can tell someone to put on safety gear before they hurt themselves, but they usually have to hurt themselves before they actually do it. Plus, you’re older than me and I saw you on the Trials course at Nationals. You should be more chicken (or I should be less)!

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Re: Road riding tips/advice

On Tue, 30 Dec 2003 10:39:24 -0600, joemarshall
<> wrote:

>Giving way when you’ve got right of
>way often just slows everyone down as everyone stops.

I have to agree with the Dumb Blonde here. Same reasoning holds for
being on a bike or just as a pedestrian.

However, I wish I could say I never fall when I don’t want to. There
is the occasional pothole or whatever that you (one / I) failed to
see, maybe because looking at traffic in general had a higher
priority. But indeed, riding conservatively helps a lot.

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I believe Harper is referring to the fact that Kick is Britt slang for steal.