Roach Ballistic Nylon Saddle Cover

Quick one…

This summer I purchased an air saddle with a ‘Roach Ballistic Nylon Saddle Cover’.

I’m new to MUni so this saddle cover been subjected to quite a bit of abuse from my high number up upd’s.

The ‘ballistic nylon’ itself seems to be holding up just fine. However, at this point I would describe the cover as falling apart at the seams, which has little to do with the abuse I’ve given it. The problem is with the stitching between the nylon cover and it’s lightweight meshed underbelly (the light stretchable material used for the underside of the cover). The stretchable underside material gave out at the seam in multiple locations on the cover, and once it started coming apart the nylon unraveled making a repair difficult if not impossible.

That said, I don’t recommend this product, and I won’t be purchasing another one. I’ll either buy or make a leather cover to replace it

You mileage may vary…



I have the roach cover as well and have not experienced any falling apart at the seems. This may be because i have it installed beneath the bumpers. For anyone building up an air seat this is a must have. If I build another seat I will get the roach cover for it. Not sure what to rate it as I don’t see any downsides but don’t feel right giving it a ten out of ten.