riped jeans..

Yeah this happens a lot to me. I just use one pair of jeans for riding.

never had that problem but thats probs because i just use whatever pants i have on. so no one pair gets worn down excessivly.

Weirdly enough, my jeans tore at the inner ankle area. Has this happened to anyone else???

In my ten years of unicycling as a main form of transport, I’ve worn through heaps of pairs of pants. Jeans are terrible (like Wheel rider said), and with the thick seam they chafe more and wear out faster than necessary. I seem to get much better wear from my army pants. They are built to last and even though the material is gone from my inner thighs, the seams are still there. I think if you ride with your seat high and with short cranks you would minimise the amount of rubbing there, but do enough riding and you can eventually wear through anything. I would like to see someone produce some unicycle specific shorts or trousers with Kevlar inseams or specially designed seams to move the seam problem. Maybe I should just buy more pairs of trousers (but I need a coker!!!).

I have 2 maybe 3 pairs of shorts where there are 2 inch gaps on either/both sides of my legs where the rear bumper rubs my legs from SIF

yah i ripped 4 pairs of jeans in the past 2 months. :angry: :angry: :angry: