riped jeans..

do other people jeans or trousers…what ever you wear while unicycling get ripped or start to wear away after a while in the inner thigh area where it rubs on the seat?
this is the first time its happined to me but i noticed that one pair has just worn though not long ago.
and then looked at my other pairs and i can see it is starting to wear away.
it did take a long time for it to happin but does it happin to other people?


Yup thats bee the ruin of a few of my pairs of pants…Just got to a work clothing store and get a pair of jeans with a reinforced groin area.

I have cycle under shorts to reduse friction

i’ve never had a problem there, but a few times the end of my pants’ leg will get caught on the crank and rip.

Thats annoying. i done that on my bike chain once. A big 12"+ slash all the way up the leg :angry:

I have never ripped my pants… but my inner thighs do get red after a lot of hopping and trials-y stuff.

i was riding once and by coincidence, whilst passing some lovely young ladies, my unicycle ripped my jeans right off :0

hahhahahahahhahahahahahahahah that is so funny.

Did the lovely young ladies come to your rescue or just giggle and walk on?

totaly a coinkydonk:D Like my word:P

hmm that could be a good thing…or a bad thing…

If your gifted like me then it is a good thing:D

Joke i aint gifted just average well maybe a tad more:P

Its happened to me three times.

I do all my hopping seat-in, so my seat rubs on the pants a lot sometimes. This rubbing causes the seems to come loose. I only notice when I am riding and feel a breeze go up my leg, and see that there is now a inch-3 inch gap in my pants.

It hasnt happened in a while though. Maybe I am waring higher quality pants with better seems.

I wear Dickie’s, haven’t had a problem…

Been riding 4 months now.

well honestly, i ran the tyre over the end of my nob and ended up face planting into the butimen. :wink:

needless to say, they sheilas where stunned!

yup! me too… no friction here hehe

Yeah ive worn the inside of a couple of pairs of jeans out from riding muni, pain in the ass.

I find riding in jeans is very uncomfortable because the way the jeans are made, the heavy cotton material creates a big seam in the crotch which is uncomfortable to sit on.

I wore out the inner thighs of some expensive cotton shorts when I first started riding. Now I ride with inexpensive lightweight cotton shorts over nylon/spandex compression or bike shorts. Even better is nylon outer shorts over the spandex shorts.

The inner thighs of your pants/trousers will wear out faster if they get wet with sweat. Wearing spandex undershorts will reduce the chafing and rubbing on both your skin and the outer shorts.

Yes, a lot. I hate it! It doesn’t matter what kind of material it is, I’ve ruined all kinds of stuff. Even several pairs of boxers. :frowning:

Yeah that seems to be the biggest problem with me, I have lost one pair of pants completely to that and a nother is pretty worn.

All my jeans except one have two big hole in the inner part… I still wear them with a black or blue cycling short under.
I sometimes feel like I look like a tramp but when i’m asked about those holes at work, the answer “eh unicycling!” seems to be sufficient:o