rip off

look att these prices there outragous! $200 for a cx!? unicycles.html
just click on “unicycles” at the top of the page

hahahah, sucks for whoever buys it. What’s worse, though, is that they stole those pictures directly from unicycledotcom and didn’t give unicycledotcom any credit.

The unicycles are way expensive even after converting to US dollars.

The shop is a reseller. You can find them on the dealer page. They may have permission to use the immages.

hey i live by that bike shop i like that place the people are really nice for no extra charge they will change the wheel from the 20" to have a trials tire and set up a dx32 with it. and they might sponsor me…hopefully…

That “Sun” 16 inch uni is adorable.

Yeah, Cambie is an excellent cycle shop. They do a lot of work, for very little profit, setting up custom recumbants, three wheelers and electric assist bikes for people who have suffered disabilities thus allowing them to still cycle.

As well, they are Vancouver’s only connection. Sometimes by ordering through them it is cheaper than ordering directly from…go figure.

so Erin are you gonna go there for your uni?

They do give credit. If you look in the bottom right corner you can just barely make out

SWEET lets all attck a bike shop we have never been too woot woot :roll_eyes:

yeah alot over priced there but hey, its buyer beware, thats free marketing at its finest.

…nope, I’m holding out for a second hand trials uni…something that fits my meagre budget. :wink: