Hey everybody,
Question for you. Is the Alex32DX rim better then the Sun Doublewide? What
exactly is the main differances between the two?

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Check out the review of both rims on Mountain Bike Reviews:

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Apparently, the Double is made of a softer alloy of Aluminium, and some say is prone to flat spots off drops (not necessarly coming out of round, but actualy deforming at the impact), while the Alex is somewhat less pinch flat resistant and very slightly more prone to tire fold over. There was some mention of cracking. I’m only up to 2’ drops on to soft material and expect to enjoy the lighter Alex, as it will be some time before I threaten it’s tolerances. Few reviewers have argued against the Double as being anything less than the strongest rim.

Give us some feed back when you have abused one of these rims.


The Alex costs about half as much as the double wide which in my eyes makes the Alex twice as good … but I’m a cheap-skate!

I’ve had a Gazz 24 x 3.0 on a Sun BFR rim for several months but just swapped the Gazz to an Alex laced to my home made hub. I bought a new Gazz 24 x 2.6 and mounted it on the BFR. The Alex rim is quit a bit wider than the BFR and it’s obvious that the rim width will affect tire width as well. So here’s some useless (but perhaps interesting) information regarding tire widths when mounted on these rims:

______Gazz 2.6 ___________Gazz 3.0

BFR ___2.185" _____________2.595"
Alex___2.340" _____________2.730"

These numbers are tire casing width when inflated to 20 psi. I haven’t ridden either set-up yet so I can’t comment on that yet.

Steve Howard