rim weights

does anyone know for sure the rim weights of the AlexDX32 and the Sun DBL. Wide.

ive heard the Sun is heavier but by how much?

Don Tai answered this question in January:


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thanx Fred

if the Zum is the heaviest,i wonder why uni.com says its for riders to lighten their load?http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/Shopexd.asp?id=459

i also heard that that Sun is not making the DBL.Wide anymore.know if thats true?

Good question - wish I knew. Maybe there are historic reasons (I do not know when that comment was written)? Anyone else?

I can confirm the low weight (about 730g) of the 24’’ Alex DX 32.

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One other factor to consider, th sun DBL wide is virtually indestructible. I can’t attest to the strenghth of the Alex, I’m sure it’s probably very strong, but I have ridden a 24" DBL Wide for 2 years very hard, broke two sem deluxe hubs and three sets of cranks, and it’s never even needed re-truing. just laced the rim to a brand new profile set up, and am confident it will go two years more. Weight is important, but don’t forget to “weigh” the importance of durability.


im accualy leaning in the DBL.Wide direction becauce of its longevity and rounded sidewalls.the thing is twice the price though.

some of the added weight is just the spoke eyelits,the Alex has none.

i wish they were in colors,ive seen white and green.all that is available though is black and ive checked everywhere.must be a Pros get colors thing? consumers get black. :frowning:

Ask any bike shop mechnic who is worth his salt, and he will tell you that eyeletted rims are the onlt way to go. Spoke eyelets come on all higher end rims, with the exception of some aero-style rims, and provide stronger threads that turn more smoothly enabling easier truing and greater longevity because they are made from steel, rather than drilled from the aluminium the rim is made out of.

you could always re-paint them if you were crafty enough. I took all the decals off of mine and touched up the paint so they are solid black. Black spokes, polished aluminium profile hub, black cranks, blue hunter frame, black thompson seat post, miyata air seat with black cover and blue bumpers. black flip lock salsa collar.
I like my MUni. It’s been an onging project for over a year and a half and it’s finally coming together the way I’ve always wanted it.
Wow, that was quite a tangent, wasn’t it? Too much coffee this morning I guess…

My 24" Alex DX 32 has eyelets.

is it the kind that doesnt have the machiened side walls?i have one with machiened sidewalls but it has no eyelits

I think the 24" alex is about 530g’s, and the doublewide is just under 800.

I also remember the zum being just under the doublewides gram.

The walls aren’t machined.

ok,thats what i thought.for some reason one has eyelits and the other doesnt. :thinking:


didnt you just buy a dbl.Wide?care to give your thoughts on your choice?

Looking at what I reported, Im wrong. Alex ad’s there rims are 650. Sun ad’s theres as 795g’s.

I used to a doublewide for a year, and heres what I think:
They need to be trued less often than the Alex, Heavier, which may not actually matter in the riding, but it might. It’s about twice the cost too.

Also on the Avro, the inside width is about 10mm wider than the sun, and about 12mm wider than the alex.

Other options in 24: Intense Mag 30, made by Sun, 640 g’s on the 26" versian. might be hard to find though. about $100.

Atomlab Trailking, not quite as wide, heavier, priced at about $60.

i just read all the reviews om mtbr.com about the Sun Doublewide and alot of people ended up hateing them.there was all this talk of flat spots and weld seperations.could all that be true or what?

ive heard nothing but got thoughts about it here so i was surprized to read all that stuff

any thoughts?

somebody wake up Mojoe:p i need your thoughts.

I think you are a penny-pinching mizer that will use a nod to weight savings to justify getting the Alex -just like I did. :wink:

I read the same reviews when pressed with this decision; I concluded that the application was not equateable to MTB’ing, athough some of the information was universal. A therough examination of reviews here described the Alex as perhaps minorly less pinch flat resistant than the Doublewide -but still better than most with it’s wide bead, and perhaps less strong in geometry on very long drops (over 6’?). There was something about the Zim that detracted… but it’s been long out of mind…


Jagur, it’s true that I just bought a 24 inch Doublewide. I too was unsure of which rim to get. I had read the reviews on mtbr.com about flat spotting with the Doublewide. The real thing deturing me from the Doublewide was the price. I talked with some mountain bikers in October who recomended the Doublewide over the Alex. Still, the Doublewide costs twice as much as the Alex. I knew that the Doublewide was heavier than the Alex and that dosen’t bother me at all. I’m not a weight weenie and I always carry too much gear in my Camelback. I was still undecided the day I talked with Russ at Lakeside Cyclery about building the wheel. Russ thought the Doublewide would make for a stronger wheel. So, I bought the Doublewide based on the opinions of some bikers and Russ at the LBS. I really trust Russ’s opinion as he’s an great wheel builder. I’ve ridden three other wheels built by Russ and they are without flaw.

I’m happy with the Doublewide. I thought I would notice the exetra weight of the Profile hub/cranks and the Doublewide with the new wheel but I can’t tell the difference. It dosen’t feel heavier than my old Suzue/BFR/aluminum cranks wheel.

I’m sure I would have been equally happy with an Alex rim. I figured I saved enough having the wheel built locally instead of unicycle.com, that I could justify the more expensive rim. The wheel cost me a total of $458. $291.50 for the hub/cranks, $77.50 for the rim, $36 for the spokes(2.3-2.0mm butted and he had to cut and re-thread each one), $2.50 for a Velox cloth rim strip, and $25 for labor.

I’ve done lots of 3 foot drops with it and a 4.5 footer. I was ridding with Max Saturday and he was using an Alex rim. Max has been using his Alex since summer and it’s still going strong.

So… I can honestly say that the Alex and Doublewide are both good rims. The Doublewide cost more and is heavier. It may be stonger, but the Alex is plenty strong. I used a Sun BFR for over a year with no ploblems except a broken spoke.


I don’t think you will be the least bit disappointed wth either rim as they are both super burly, and light enough. You should probabaly just get the alex cause it’s alot cheaper and will probably work just as good, and spend the extra money on something else. You’re thinking way too much about it, just get one and ride it dammit!

i got alot of time,my new uni isnt even close to being done.just buying somthing wont cut it.this time it must be perfect.the ruff drafts are over.

thanx for all your help guys.