Rim for 26x3 Gazz

I need to get a new rim for my 26x3 Gazz. Any recommendations? I live in a relatively small country town and the local bike shop owner knows nothing about whats available.


take a wide rim like a Sun Double Wide or a AlexRim DX32.

I think min. 28mm wide!


I think you should get a 26" Alex DX-32. They’re nice strong rims and are lighter than some others (particularly the Doublewide). Plus the 26" version is yellow which will match your muni. :slight_smile:

I have a 24" Alex DX-32 on my muni - the one I rode in the 24hr.

If you want, Gary could probably bring one along for the 12hr but I think quite a few bike shops should be able to get them in. I hope you have everything sorted for the 12hr.

See you soon.


The Sun Double wide would be a good choice if you’re not using brakes. If you are, you might want to look at the Halo Combat rim (can be had with or with out a braking surface, go with the welded over the pinned). A good heavy duty rim (emphasis on heavy) is the Azonic Momentum DH. With a 3.0 tire, I personally wouldn’t go less than 32 MM wide.

I definately think the best 26 inch big rim is the Mavic 321. It is big enough (not sure how wide but fairly wide) and claims to be the strongest rim around and doesn’t weigh much either!

I’ve used the Alex DX32 for a few years , works great for me.

  • Frank

Halo Combat rims work too, though I can’t recall anybody from across the pond mentioning using one, so they may not be available there.

If you want maximum floatation, you could get a Surly Large Marge rim. They should be in stock next week. You’ll need a custom frame though, if you’re using a 26x3, since it makes the tire a bit wider. I’ve been using one of the factory samples this summer and it’s been a good rim.


Thanks for the advice. I can get the Sun Double wide or the Alex here in Oz so I’ll get one of those.
Andrew, I’ll ring Gary and get one. Yellow sounds good. Everythings right for the 12hr and I’m riding faster than ever!