Riding the World's Smallest Unicycle

Hey Everybody!
Check it out ----- World’s Smallest Unicycle!!!
A Guinness World Record!!
TJ Howell

Riding the World’s Smallest Unicycle -*https://youtu.be/jkKvCPXErIk


Where’s your other tiny wheel?


using a used (2nd hand) unicycle!

Or not?

Cause, somewhere around May this year (2016) I was told you were about to buy the one of Chaz Marquette (made by Tom Miller), who did an earlier attempt on it, which Guinness didn’t accept.
But this attempt seems from 2015.
(so I guess the Unicycle Factory one was a defensive purchase).

Anyway, evidently you beat the old record, and it looks like in a cool way (on a own creation).
So congrats on that.

Here’s the video of that attempt, with a 14.87mm wheel diameter:

On his suitcase!

What’s the criteria? With a longer seatpost maybe the wheel could have been even smaller and still rideable.