riding the distance of your age

Do most people who ride the distance of their age use a 36 in unicycle with a street tire? I rode 12 miles today on a rail trail with a 29 in uni with a mountain tire and I was exhausted…

Well, if you are 12 years old you have already accomplished your goal!

Most of the older people ride 36" unicycles for distance. I have not ridden my age yet, and the target keeps going up. :astonished:


Hello Everyone!

I’ve been thinking about this “Ride Your Age” thing.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Don’t Laugh!

One can never dream too big!
I didn’t say I was going to try it tomorrow!

What are the basic requirements?
I imagine you have to do the whole thing in one day… right?
Do you do the whole distance without a dismount? (I’m thinking surely not).

Just wondering.

I’ve ridden my age for my last three birthdays. In keeping with the international interest of this group I’ve used kilometers. It’s just a coincidence that it’s the shorter distance. =)

I haven’t been on the 36er much this year. Muni takes up all my available time. I guess I should get it out and blow the dust off.

Ride Your Age

Hello, All.
I can/ have rode my age this year in a nine hour period and it affected me for three days,(Don’t recover as fast). I have used my 24 x 3 offroad MUNI by riding around the Fullerton Loop four times. I do not own a 36" but that is because I avoid the streets. The loop seems to be about as tame as the street in most places and I like that. At this years CMW (Thank you Mr. Foss) I learned about pedal strikes! My cranks are 180’s to climb hills (not the best idea) and are way too long on narrow trails. I have ridden for about fifty years since learning. Unfortunately I have not known any other Uni Riders till joining this forum, and that has given me a whole new skill set. My personal improvement in the last five years has eclipsed anything I had learned in the past 45. The secret is to ride with others to push up the bar on skill levels and discover new products.

My measure was in miles. 58! Lobby