riding seat out... plz help

i just joined the site and ive only been riding for less than a month. Like others ive learned real fast. i mostly muni but im trying to get some new tricks down. i know this is supposed to be easy but i just cant get it… plz help

hey i am about the same as you i can barelly ride with my seat out and have been uniing for about the same time. I just kinda push doun on the saddel to keep belance hold on!!! and this will help you with tricks i am just starting 180 unispins… GOOD LUCK

Riding while standing makes SIF easier to learn, you need to put pressure in both pedals

when you are first learning, try holding the seat with both hands on diagonals from each other.

It should help to keep the uni from twisting side to side. Also, you want to be as smooth as possible while pedalling.

Once you can ride confidently like this, then learn to do it one handed.

Hope I helped. (atleast more then the guy above me):stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been trying sif riding for about the last month and getting nowhere. In the last few days have deciphered my problem and can ride(without turning yet) as far as I want sif. I’m no pro, by any stretch of the imagination but, I just learned this trick so, the errors that I made and the solutions that I found are still fresh in my head. Here’s what helped me…

As far as the seat pressure goes, while mounting, you want both hands firmly on the seat and all of your weight on them. While riding, I mainly just use my left hand(the one I hold on with) to keep from tipping left or right. I started trying sif with one hand to use the other for balance. It seemed to work pretty well for me. I actually found it easier with only my one hand. I found that body balance was more important than seat pressure. You can have all of the pressure in the world on your seat but, if you start leaning uncontrollably to one direction or the other, you won’t get too far.

The main thing that helped me more than anything else was keeping my back straight. When I was mounting sif, I had a tendancy to crouch a bit as a defensive posture(not as far to fall if I mess up). I noticed while watching some freestyle video that, the rider stood up very straight while doing sif. I tried it and, the wheel wobble has completely gone away. Open up your posture a bit. A good example of proof of this theory is to watch someone doing a seat drag(front or back) or, riding an ultimate wheel. These are basically the next progressions of the sif riding. They’re almost always standing straight up.

Another thing that helped me was, constantly thinking, “light on my feet”. Just saying it over and over to myself while riding that way. My philosophy isn’t to think about keeping equal pressure on the peddals but, concentrate on keeping as little pressure on them as possible. I understand that the latter will give you the results of the former but, it’s a different way of thinking about it and sometimes, that’s all a person needs.

Another tip would be to raise your seat a bit, at least while learning the trick. This will help you keep your posture upright as you won’t need to lean over to reach the seat.

Also, guilhermeteles is right, learn to stand and ride first if you can’t already. I know that people say to keep all of your weight on the seat but, try riding standing up completely and having your butt completely off of the seat. If you ride muni, as you said you mainly do, you should already have this down. Learn it hanging onto the seat and with both hands up. This will give you the up and down feeling of sif.

My two cents.


thanks ill keep trying