riding really skinny things

ok, so i know the basics of riding on curbs and skinny things, but you know how sometimes right near the edge you try your hardest to center yourself on what youre riding on but you cant so you just have to fall/ride off, any tips? also, any tips on turning on these things, like if youre riding on one that curves around a sidewalk or whatever.

1.you need speed, a spinning wheel makes a gyro effect
2. don’t overcorrect, focus on going stait. practice riding strait ahead. you’ll get it, it’s hard to do at first

Doesn’t work for thin skinnies, medium to slow speed is ideal.

Pedal real smooth, focus on a spot on the skinny 5-10 yards in front of you and practice as much as possible, even on cracks in the sidewalk if nothing else is imediately close by. Also practice riding easier skinnies fast and super slow.

When I started riding challenging thin skinnies (like a curb), fast and super slow were just as hard. Now slow is easier than at a moderat speed, sometimes :roll_eyes: