riding pants

hey everyone,

i’m sure this happens to other people too…but i found it odd i never seem to see it at all/see it to the same extreme as with me in most peoples videos…
when i ride my pants ride up a lot and look like uber bad floods (specially if im wearing white socks). i’ve tried buying longer/longer and banggier pants but this doesn’t work as the crotch is also lower in these pants so they ride up just as much :/. so my question to everyone is:what pants do you ride in to avoid this?

Shorts. Or bike shorts. Spandex doesn’t move much.

Buy shorts that are as close a fit to your crotch as possible?

I always wear slim pants (not tight like most girls and some guys wear) w/ a 32 or prefferably a 34" inseam and they never ride up much on me.

If slim pants ride up on you, you could try tight ones w/ a long inseam and go up a size so you’re movement isn’t restricted.

I’m posting again because I can’t edit my post. Have you tried mountain bike shorts? They normally have a higher crotch to address the problem you have. I normally wear mtb shorts over bike shorts, to prevent the bike shorts from ripping when falling. For long road rides, bike shorts alone are sufficient.

If I do ride in pants, I typically use Prana pants. They have spandex in them and they breathe really well since they are supposed to be used for Yoga and Rock Climbing. They are pricey though. ($70 a pair minimum) You can find them at R.E.I. or any other Outdoor Outfitter in your area.

I always wear pants. Never have worn shorts probably never will. I use jeans, cotton dickies, and polyester pants. I never have had a problem with them riding up. They do rub on the crank arms and get dirty, and I wear the inseams out occasionally at the saddle area. No other problems. Perhaps the problem is with your seat, your style of riding or underwear. I’ve used cheap saddles, torker pro saddles and kh fusion saddles.

I wear pants that are a little to long inseam wise. I should probaly be wearing 30 inseam, when I buy 32s at least, and that mostly takes care of it. I don’t really like riding in jeans much though because the rough denim cause chafing after a bit. i like wearing these light polyster shorts I got at Target. They sort of get bunched up too but I don’t really care anymore. I have a nice leg tan anyway because of my speedo usage because I’m a swimmer;).

btw I tried wearing slimmer jeans but it’s just not comfortable so my shorts seem to work best

Now that winter is approaching it would be nice to get some suggestions on this subject. In the past the most I ever rode was 2-3 miles at a time in the winter, so it didn’t really matter that much. This winter I’ll be looking into doing 15-20 mile rides. Seems like jeans would chafe - even below the knee.

i never notice Chafing below the knees. it is annoying, however, to have the pant legs rubbing the crank arm every rotation. It causes me to want to use the outside half of the pedal a lot.


Shorts don’t make it in the winter, so you have to wear something long over your bike shorts.

It’s impossible if, like me, your inseam is 35 or 36. No bike tights are long enough, and it’s hard to find work out pants/sweats are long enough.

If anyone has a source for long bike tights or long work out pants, let me know.

I wear long biking pants in the winter (the spandex kind). They have zippers at the ankles so never ride up. For parades and such during the summer I wear long baseball pants in a single color. They have elastic at the ankles to keep them down and the fabric is stretchable. I picked them up on sale at an athletic store for around $14.00 and work really well. Good and cheap!

Billy, try coldlizard.com.

hm. thanks for all the great suggestions guys. i normally always ride in shorts but winter is coming. and if im going to ride id rather not get snow up my shorts where it doesnt belong if you know what i mean. i might ask at sportchek at the mall to see what they have for sports shorts. i just hate the way it rides up…makes it harder to mount, looks stupd, and my socks get qet when i bail. hopefuly ill find something. ill post if i do. thanks again guys :smiley:

Have you considered motocross pants? they’re like MTB pants but you can usually get them MUCH cheaper. there’s a bunch of closeout places, like motorcycle superstore. great for jerseys too!

fantastic! thanks!

I try to get shorts that wont move alot so I dont have to wear a belt (belts are annoying when riding Trials), I wear shorts all year long (even in the cold Canada winters :p) but in the winter I either wear my shin pads or snow pants depending on what style of riding I’ll be doing! I always wanted to try bike shorts or Trials specific shorts, but it’s expensive.