riding on stomach

I saw that riding on your stomach is in the skills levels but why? can anyone here do it or have pics/video

Riding on your stomach is very simple, I was doing it before I even knew how serious unicycling was, so I was just messing around when I was doing it.

can you actually go very far and do you pedal w/ your hands. I once thought about doing it but the seat hurt to lean on

Oh, like that, I can only get a few rotations in, but when you go from riding SIF and just lay on the seat, it is really easy, then you can even put your chin on the seat and ride like that, but I cant do that one as good, cause I am bent down so far, so after about 15 rotations I have to get up.

what I am interested in learning about is the one that is part of skill level three I think

i think your are confusing a few different tricks:

Stomach on seat (level 3 skill): Riding with your stomach on the seat. your feet are on the pedals, and pedaling normally.
Hand Wheel walk with the Stomach on seat (level 8 skill): Your stomach is on the seat, and you push the wheel with your hands. Your feet have not contact with the tire, or pedals.
Hand Ride (not on skill level list):this involves yourself kind of sitting on the seat (its hard to explain). Your body is upside down, and you are pedaling with your hands (much easier going backwards then forwards).

Here are videos of the three skills from Leo’s site (.wmv):
Stomach On Seat
Hand Wheel Walk, Stomach on Seat
Hand Ride

thanks yeah I didn’t know there were multiple types

I wouldn’t ride on someone’s stomach, he will get hurt I think.


No. It’s impossible.
That’s why it’s a requirement for the unattainable Level 3.

Throughout the years, there have been attempts…but none of them have been successful.