Riding on soft/dry sand

Does anyone have any tips for riding on soft dry sand?

There’s a dirt road near my house alongside a river which flooded last year, taking big holes out of the road surface. The landowner has filled the holes in with sand in order to keep access open for tractors, quads, land rover, etc. but it is really difficult to ride a unicycle over!

Some of the patches are around 15 metres long and in places the sand is almost a metre deep. It’s mostly rideable in the wet but I’m struggling in dry weather. So are there any tips, tricks or techniques to ride it or do I just keep trying to get as far as I can in the knowledge I’m almost certain to upd before the end?!

I’m mostly using my 24" with a 2.8 tyre. I haven’t tried it on my 29" yet but I think it would be worse since it has a Hans Dampf 2.35 and I think the narrower tyre would just dig in even more.

Hit it fast and pedal hard.
Keep the saddle weight right between standing and sitting try to keep it steady and smooth.
Go further than you did last time and pretty soon you’ll be making all of them.

I’ll bet it’s easier on the 29 but I’m a big wheel fan.
Maybe get a bigger tire?

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