Riding in the Rain

Just curious how many of you call it quits when it’s raining. It has been raining like crazy here in North Carolina. I’m about ready to head out anyway for a late night session. Shouldn’t be hard on the unicycle, right?


I imagine it is just like riding a bike right? Just wipe it off real good and that’s it. That’s what I do for my commuter bike anyway.


It’s fine. At some point you might need to replace your bearings, but even that’s not a big deal.

Thanks for the response tholub! Just checkin. I didn’t want to abuse the new KH20.

Yeah, just make sure you maintain extra good maintenance on it.

It’s slightly more difficult to ride in the rain (Your shoes and pedals get slippery, even if you have toe clips or metal studs), so you should be extra careful, but riding in the rain is really fun.

For MUni, as long as there’s no clay in the makeup of the trail soil, the wetter the better! :smiley: I love splashin’ through creek crossings and just feels refreshing and cools you down. Wouldn’t be as fun riding my 36er on the road, or very safe.

No problem for the unicycle. If I didn’t ride in the rain I’d pretty much never go out!

Obviously for trials type riding things like rails and benches may get too slippery to be safe (I’m not a trials rider so that’s a guess), but for road and muni it’s no different from doing the same on a bike - in fact it’s better because there are no gears and chains to maintain.


I rode muni in a dumping rain last weekend, just had too much fun, hootin and hollerin as I slip slid around on roots. It can be lots of fun on the right soil and terrain. Being in the Southeast, if you don’t ride when it’s wet, you won’t ride much :wink:

When your bearings start feeling like they have a “hitch” when you spin the wheel, then it’s time for replacements. Two years, riding 3-4x weekly, one set of bearings replaced.

I think a penatrating lube might be worth using once they start drying out of their factory grease. Don’t use WD 40, it will dissolve the factory grease!

I commuted to work in very heavy rain storm last week. My manager thought I was insane, I’ve never felt so alive. :sunglasses:

Do it, but you may want to wear a little padding. UPD’s seem to be more frequent.

AND…there is less people on trails.