Riding in La Crosse, WI

paulha@psoft.postalsoft.com (Paul Halter) wrote: I guess that’s it, so cheers
from La Crosse, Wisconsin!

Yes, I cut out most of his message. He’s looking for helpful hints on the
learning process. I’m writing to say that my father’s parents, Elsie and Dewey
Foss, lived in that area, and we used to spend our vacations there. They lived
in Onalaska (a comment about the climate, no doubt), and I remember going there
when it was little more than a crossroad. They were married 62 years, but now
they are both gone, and I may never see that area again. How interesting this
must be to most of you.

Okay, let’s spice it up for our mailing list. Looking for interesting places to
ride? When in the LaCrosse area (don’t try to buy LaCrosse balls for juggling,
they didn’t have them last time I asked), ride up Grandad Bluff. On New Year’s
Day, 1981, I rode my Schwinn Giraffe to the observation area at the top, on
snowy roads. Why? I can’t remember.

The elevation is only about 500 feet, but if you live in Southeastern Michigan,
which I did at the time, that’s a huge mountain to you!

I wish you lots of fun and success. The time of learning is perhaps the
most rewarding time of all for unicyclists. Someday, I’ll learn it all, and
I’ll be bored.

Don’t be afraid to ask silly questions if you are having problems with
something. Somebody here will be happy to give you a silly answer.

Stay on Top! John Foss, president International Unicycling Federation