Riding in Amsterdam

I’m going to be in Amsterdam on Saturday November 18 with some time to spare. Wondering if there are any local riders that are both A) intersted in some sort of a ride, and B) possessing of an extra unicycle I could borrow.

I’d love to hook up for a ride, but my trip is business, and I don’t have the leeway of being able to pack along a uni. If no extra unis are available, I would always be willing to substitute having a few pints in place of a ride, in the interest of meeting some forum members face-to-face.


Bumping to get back on Page 1 for daytime in Europe.

hey i life in the netherlands i will ask it on the dutch unicycle forum

i would like to ride with some people from the forum

hmms just see that it is on the 18 of november i cant ride than because the 25 i alsow have to go somewhere so i cant pay the ticket to get into amsterdam

sorry for my bad englich

I know 2 riders in amsterdam ina and leo. Maybe you get leo with feedback@uniconnews.com

there is another person that unicycle in amsterdam but i don’t now if he still unicycle i think he stopped but i’am not sure
his website www.eenwieleren.nl

Leo is in Amsterdam normaly.

maybe you can contact him here

i live in holland, not near amsterdam but i dont realy care:p i dont have n extra uni though, i’ll see who else wants to come and maybe come 2, :sunglasses:

I’m here. Ina probably to.
I have a 20" with a 30 cm seatpost you could use (unless it’s wet, as it has a wheel with 34 led lights in the rim).

Dunno what I’ll be doing that day. Possible I’ll be practising something unique at a special facillity (a company that probably wants me to remain silent about it for a while).
If not I glady come out to ride, but… the weather is pretty cold and wet already (as it’s november).
I don’t drink beer, but I gladly drink a Cherry Coke with you somewhere.

In the US call me at 702-866-9LEO
In NL call me at +31 (0)624-235053
Or email leo at unicycle.net

well i aint comming because there arent very much other ppl’s

that reminds me of your “cherry coke on biker lady story”.

Hey Tom, I’m not a local to Amsterdam, it’s about an hour drive from where I live. Not that that is a problem but I have no idea about the best spots to ride there. I recently sold my spare muni which leaves me without any “doubles”, except that I have two 29’ers of which one is a Schlumpf. But then again I hardly have fellow riders for touring; maybe Walter would want to join. How much time do you have anyway?

Klaas Bil

Well that was because I don’t hit women. Tom is a man, so he does’nt have to worry about getting Cherry Coke in his hair at all.

What about “Rondje Haarlemmermeer” it’s 65km along the water that’s around the Haarlemmermeerpolder. I have no long distance unicycle, otherwise I probably joined.

…and if you have time enough you can make a stop at the museum in De Cruquius.

We discussed it on the dutch forum, ehm, timing sucks because it’s on a Saturday, and most people have to work on Saturdays, seeing as most unicyclists are teenagers. Also, bringing a spare uni via train is horrible, hope you still find people to ride with!



Hi Klass. In terms of time, I have about a half day I could devote to riding, then need to spend some time sampling local fare and checking out the Van Gogh Museum. I’m thinking 29ers might be perfect for tooling around the city, just based on the basic info at this link. I’d be much more inclined to riding around the city and seeing some things, stopping at points of interest, versus muni or anything else.

Dustin: thanks for checking with the local forum. I remember that whole thing about having to work on Saturday. I’m looking forward to having this one off to relax in such an excellent city. My first time there, so I’m quite psyched.


Sounds like a nice way to explore the city! But not with me as a guide, I suck at finding my way around there. If one of the Amsterdammers would be willing to guide (on a uni of course), I might come along. Leo, John, François or Sybren come to mind as possible guides. None of those is a teenager either.


While guides are great things, I wasn’t looking for one here. Two unicycles, a map, and some extra caffeine would make for a fine adventure. :slight_smile:

Can we take the discussion off here? Tom you can email me on my unicyclist.com email. The address is of the usual form firstname.lastname@unicyclist.com . I am subscribed to this thread so anyone replying here will still be heard.

Okay, time to resurrect this thread. The ride didn’t happen last time, but I will be over in Amsterdam again shortly. I have a free day in the city on Saturday, September 15. This time, I will be able to pack along a 29" road uni, so as not to be a uni-less burden on any locals that might want to ride. I’d be interested in some riding in the city, with a little tourist action thrown in if possible. Ideally morning to mid-day, so I can spend the afternoon enjoying some of the famous coffee in the local cafes. But afternoon would work too.

Anyone game?


i will be on amsterdan in november for the cannabis cup

Tom, I’ve PM’ed you.