Riding down steps

I’ve been practicing riding down steps / stairs. However, it is more of sliding and bouncing than actual riding. Does anyone have any tips for a newbee?

I usually sit up off my seat which helps me a lot. For me, the more I do it, the easier it gets. Just keep on doin’ it and it will become more natural.

+1 just keep doing them and you’ll be able ride stairs easy.

To be honest I hate riding down steps but will when I want to.

Easyest way I’ve found is start small maybe 3 steps and move onto more when you think you can ride down step fairly well

thanks a lot :smiley:

just dont ride down the stairs, jump over it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Just try it until you do it. Everything just take a little pratice. :slight_smile:

what everyone else has said +1

Plus I would advise you to not hold back. If are not leaning far enough forward when you start down the steps, chances are that you will not make it. So don’t be afraid: stay upright/lean forward slightly. Wear sensible body protection, because steps can really throw you!

Also, I have found from experience that going down steps is much easier with 125mm cranks in contrast to 89’s.

thanks everyone :smiley:

however, I’m not going to hop 10 steps.

lol go on you know you to :smiley:

even tho my biggest is only 8 and I bruised my hand doing so and I havnt let it heal so I keep brusing it

dont be afraid of the steps, dont go slow, ride like you usually ride maybe just a tad slower or a bit faster everyone has there own oppinions on the speed. You will only learn by falling trust me so where your favorite padding and do it.

I tried that…should post my fail vid.

I started with rolling down over single steps, then small stairs with 2, 3 a few times even 4 steps. I feel this is a great advantage that one can steadily increase the challenge.

This is where I stopped and so far I did not push it further. Most of the times I succeed, very occasionally I do an UPD, but this was never an issue. However at times especially with steep stairs and probably depending on the position of the pedal, I get a hard impact on my feet, when I come to the bottom of the stairs. It may be better when I keep actively pedaling when I come to the bottom. This I want to get better under control before I raise the bar. But also I am a bit hesitent since I am concerned that the risk one takes with larger stairs might be significantly higher. Any views?

well, for me, riding down two or maybe even three might not help. If I go fast enough, I find that I can just fly off the top and land at the base.