Riding down snowdon (UK)

Hi all,
nothing to offical but me and two friends are planning to ride down snowdon on saturday hopelly getting there for 10:30am (driving up on friday from poole). This followed a drunked bet on new year to for two friends to learn to ride a unicycle and get down snowdon. (this will be the third time i’ve ridden it and would recomend it!)

If anyone is intrested turn up :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I’ll be at Coed-y-Brenin this weekend. I am very tempted indeed…


I’m free this Saturday - this is what I like to hear… :slight_smile:

I’ll have to find out how possible it is to get from Aberystwyth to Snowdon by public transport. Will there be any chance of someone driving near a station on the way? - Newtown seems fairly near on speculative investigation.

Hmmm… :slight_smile:


Cool it would be good to have you join us. I’ve pm’ed you my mobile number

I’m not seeing any PMs from you, Toby?

My email address is: sam@ [my user name here] .co.uk

Hurrah for impromptu rides down mountains! See you on Saturday morning…


bump. Woo, yes. Anyone else up for this? - come on, you know you want to.

Weather forecast: sunny, up to 15*C. Need any more incentive?

Out of interest, do either of you guys have brakes?

  • Sam

Snowdon would be far too easy with brakes…


Love to do it again, but not sure if I can get away this Saturday - I’ll see what I can do …

Phil - is your mobile # the one you had last Red Bull ? I’ll call you saturday morning if I’m definitely going to make it to Yr Wyddfa.

Where are y’all planning to meet ?


so very tempting… :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT…getting there for 10:30am would mean for me getting up early saturday morning as i will be busy friday. My suggestion is mayby going the next saturday. It will also be easter holiday.
nothing definite for me yet though so its just a suggestion for now. but would like to come :smiley: .

would a 20" x 2" get down snowdon?

Ok, am defiantly up for this :smiley: if I can sort things out for Saturday.

Guys having only been on a uni for 6 months I’m worried I could slow you lot up? I use a old style KH24 with no brake set-up. Any idea to the length of descent in miles ?

For those that have done it before, how long does it usually take so I will know when I’ll likely be getting home as driving up from Wigan.

Any suggestions as to what to bring? (pads / helmet etc)

Finally where would we be meeting and will people be taking cars?


Hi all,

Me and two friends are going up on friday night and finding a b&b, our plan was to get to the mountin at 10.30 to give us a full day, the best way of meeting on the day might be by mobile but we all try to meet at the bottom of the rail track path at the first steep slope. (start of the hill just leaving the housing estate).

My Mobile number is: 07985986111

The question was asked do we have breaks? Answer yes many all the way up and down and no not on our uni’s, i might bring my 20’’ uni, coker and impossible wheel but will mostlikly use the 20’’.


There is parking at the bottom of the hill near the lake. hard to miss.
no problem if not riden before. what i wear for protection is a helmet and rist gards both very important i would say.

no worries about speed or holding us up its for fun speed won’t matter :slight_smile:


someone mentioned about holding everyone up. I hadn’t ridden a unicycle until I got too drunk on new years eve and toby convinced me it was a great idea to ride down snowdon in 3 months!!

I wouldn’t worry about holding me up. I expect to do a lot of falling, rolling… and maybe the odd bit of bouncing.

Oooh, you’re bringing your Coker, you say? If so then I’d love to have a quick ride on it if you don’t mind - I’m not in a position to try out any big wheels here, but would like to get one sometime.

Norry - don’t worry about speed - if there are people on 20"s then even the slowest 24" rider should be able to ride along comfortably. I’ll be on my Onza24 and I guess Phil is also on a 24. He’s gone already, so won’t be replying to this thread until after coming back now.

Not to sound really irresponsable, as I’ve not looked at maps yet, but I think some ball park figures for times are:

Hiking up, around 3 hours, riding down, less - 1-2 hours?

I’m sure there are lots of detailed reports of this route floating around the internet. I’m meant to be working hard until Friday evening, then using this trip as a reward.

Does anyone have advice on footwear? Walking boots wouldn’t be a bad idea as it’s a long walk up, and they should be ok for riding in too.

See you all Saturday,


If it was just downhill i’d have gone for my trainers as they fit nicer on the pedals. As we are hiking up! I think i’ll opp for boots. I’ve riden in my walking boots before and it’s ok, not as nice as the trainers but riderable + gives better ankel support/protection, not sure if my pads will fit over them however. hmmm

:slight_smile: Looks as though I have a pass for the day so will be able to come out to play with you guys.

Just for the benefit of those who haven’t been before -

The walk up isn’t excessively demanding, but if it is wet (or icy) it can be a bit slippery in parts. If I didn’t have a weakened ankle from an earlier muni experience, I’d probably do the hike up and ride down in decent quality trainers - as it is I will wear walking boots for the extra support.

If you aren’t used to being in the mountains you may not realise that the weather can change very dramatically over a short period of time - be prepared for cold, rain and wind, even if it isn’t on the forcast.

According to the website http://www.snowdonrailway.co.uk/prices.html the railway might be open, but not all the way to the summit, therefore the summit station with it’s (crap and overpriced) cafe will also not be open. Bring enough food and drink to last the hike and ride.

Several riders of 20" unis have done the ride, but I would say 24", 26" or 29" would be better. I haven’t heard of anyone doing it on a 36", but it could be a blast.

I will be driving up from Rugby on the day and should be there before the estimated 10:30 start. My mobly - 07776 423912

See you all Saturday am.


OK i’m in :slight_smile:

I’ll chuck as much as I can think of in the car and head down early saturday morning.

Mobile number = 07941466783

Look forward to meeting you guys tomorrow.

oh if anyone thinks of a must have for the ride let us know.



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Wish that I could be there, haven’t seen Snowdon in years.

Cheers from Canada. Dave.