Riding awkwardly

Im fairly new to unicycling (coupla months) and i just got a new 24 inch nimbus muni earlier this week, I previously had an old old schwin my grandpa gave me when i was a baby (kinda a weird gift for a baby), but ive been a bit bizy (honestly i tried to spell it couldnt figure it out sorry) with my bros graduation stuff and I had only gone a coupla times going up and down my driveway in the new uni and didnt notice anything much strange except i wasnt turning as tightly to the right as i was to the left but today when i went to do a lap around my neighborhood i realized i was almost inable to go in a straight line. My left knee would face at about a 30 degree angle to my right instead of straight ahead or facing a bit outward like my right knee i checked my feet, shoulders, how i was sitting everything was facing straight except for my left knee which actually is turned so far to the right the pants leg touches the wheel while im riding so i tried to kinda turn my knee while i was riding but it didnt really do anything except make me turn left i never noticed anything like this while riding the schwin but then after a bit of trying to ride straight i realized that if i turned my shoulders to the right (my left shoulder a bit infront of me my right a bit behind) i could ride in a perfectly straight line and i know that i rode like that on the schwin and my knees are both facing straight ahead while i do that.

So i guess i just want to know if anyone else has this problem or similar to this problem and if they have any suggestions or tips on how they changed their ways. i know i might have been a bit confusing describing it.

I would re-title this “Writing Awkwardly.”

If the unicycle is new to you you might want to check tire pressure especially if the road on which you ride is crowned. This will cause some twisting and tipping. A slight rotation of the saddle can do the same thing.

I had a very similar problem with twisting when I started out. If you just practice a lot you will learn to keep straight. I found sections of sidewalk that had different colored areas as a border and tried to stay on those. It is like riding something narrow without fear of falling off.

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Yeah, I had this problem. I changed the hight of the seat and made sure it was straight and practised. It may take a while to get it right.

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I started a thread when I started riding…http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69121 Help’d out a bit so maybe it will help some more.

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I think many rides have this problem, but dont worry too much about it, in time, it will change and it won’t look awkward!:smiley:

I replaced a tire on my 20" unicycle, and all the sudden, it had a most irritating tendency to go left. I overcame it- either the tire got better, or I got used to it, not sure which.

Check if the seat is straight. Check if your butt is on the seat straight- I find sometimes I can get a little crooked on the seat. Consciously straighten your body up. I found myself a while back, turning my upper body when I turned, only I’d wind up with my upper body rotated when I was still going back straight- just consciously change than whe you notice it.


Check to make sure your wheel is mounted straight in the frame. It wouldn’t be the only problem, but may be part of it.

It will likely go away in time, but having your seat off center can be a temporary fix (or the cause).

I’ve heard a combination of road camber and different tire can bring this on.

I ride “skinnies” all the time. When I was learning they were painted lines or cracks in the road/parking lot/playground. I would also weave between the X’s in the cracks of sidewalks, as if there were cones on them.

Thank you for all the help and welcomeings I have readjusted the seat as it was slightly turned because of my haste to put it together when i first got it, and i increased the inflation in the tire (i didnt have it inflated totally probably the same reason as before) and the road is crowned so i think that just amplified it along with the needing practise on the new uni.
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