Ridgecrest Desert Classic

Ridgecrest Desert Classic

This is a great event that annually has taken place in California about 2 hours north of Los Angeles at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas for many years and grown in size. While mostly a mountain bike event, since 2019 they added a mountain unicycle class and we have had several riders in that class each year.

I think we may have a few adults and.a small group of kids aged 14-17 from Ridgecrest riding Muni this year. It would be awesome to have a large enough group that they send us off at our own time instead of mixed in with the 2-wheelers!

It is on October 28, and is set up at our local college, Cerro Coso Community College.

Hope to meet unicyclists there!

Just wanna bump this up as the event is two weeks away, and it would be great to have other unicyclist joining us.

Just finished a ciclavia event in LA. Another unicyclist was there advocating for others to attend the Ridgecrest ride. You may have a few more joining you for the ride.