Rides with disabilities (was oldest riders)

Have there ever been any uni riders that are generally in wheel chairs.

I have a friend who is paralyzed from a motorcycle accident. I have often
wondered if it would be possible for him to uni. Any precedent?

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> > Wasn’t there also a blind gentleman that Bill taught?
> Yes, Bill Jenack taught John Lizza to ride in the late 60’s (or so) and I
> think he was around age 40 when he learned. He did some showing off at the
> 1983 USA Nationals, so some of us got to see him ride then.
> One time a neighbor of his told me he had seen John walk up and down his
> street (he lived on a no outlet cul-de-sac off a very busy road), with his
> cane, to spot all the parked cars. Then he would actually ride his unicycle up
> and down the street solo, presumably with the cane to help spot for him!
> Other blind people have learned to ride, and I know of many people who have
> had various kinds of disabilities or have overcome medical or physical
> hardships to later learn to unicycle.
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