Riders paradise

Hey everyone, I’m in Seoul, South Korea right now.

It is by far a paradise for unicyclists.

Mountains EVERYWHERE, rocks EVERYWHERE, and there are groups of unicyclists meeting up every day almost except for Tuesday.

How nuts is that!? Tonight I’m going to play hockey from 11 PM until 1 AM, with some Taekwondo masters, and tomorrow I heard mention of some muni riding, then Sunday there is a general ride, Monday more late night hockey, Wednesday more hockey, Thursday is another general ride, and Friday night even more hockey!

Can any other city beat this?

I’m looking at you Tokyo but I don’t have my hopes up that high.

Wow, that sounds amazing! I wish I was there having whatever great time you are having.

Whoa that is awesome! Would you say that the population of unicyclists is dense in that area in comparison to Ottawa?

Cool…that’s a great city. I have ridden my unicycle in Seoul before…it was on a stage at the Air Force Base…but still counts.

How many riders?

Thousands just in Seoul alone.

The thing is that there are many unicycle groups and organisations. I have met with one group so far and they are based on Taekwondo. They are a TKD association. All of the masters of gyms that are part of the association ride unicycles, and then teach their students unicycling as well. They make up one of the unicycle associations, they hold an annual Korean wide race day, and regular hockey games among the masters.

They have their own level system, import their own unicycles from China and Miyata and have a couple of other organisations under them.

There is another club that I’m pretty sure is called the CUA (Corean Unicycle Association) and they do thing slike muni and trials as well as regular riding.

Then there are a couple other groups and organisations. It is rather complicated, and they all have very serious and complex system of management, with presidents, PR people, and the whole works.

Also most of them have only been around 1-5 years at most, so it is all very new and already very organised, which means it is growing extremely fast.

Just in one unicycle association there are almost 2000 unicyclists, so you can understand why it needs to be so organised.

In Ottawa we have many unicyclists but we just aren’t organised, no records are kept of how many there are, and very regularly I meet new unicyclists on the street that I have never heard of.

So far I have been extremely well taken in by them and they have been really really friendly, the KUA (the Taekwondo based association) will be sending its masters to play hockey, enter some races and will be performing a Taekwondo demonstation. There are also some other Korean unicyclists who will be attending Unicon but are part of other groups.

Next week two of the major groups are meeting to discuss a merger and how it would be possible.

I’m hoping to meet the other unicyclists next week.

I have only seen about 3 other people riding unicycles in my town. It stinks.


Here in So Cal we got Tons of mountains, staircases, skate parks, beaches, over 40 other unicyclists, tons of motivation to learn new tricks or trials lines, and the internet.

Oh man, I wish I had the internet!

Duh! :smiley:

Wow sounds awesome! I wish where I live there was huge amounts of unicyclists, and mountains, and awesome places to ride… the list continues…

[SIZE=2]Instead I rely on the internet to talk to fellow unicyclists and watch and learn from others on youtube and vimeo, it isn’t as fun really!

Hah I think Korea beats you out for internet, this is one of the most wired nations in the world, where TV on your cell phone is standard and if you can’t get reception in the 7th basement or on the subway then you should sue your carrier.

Their fridges have more technology than my super new cell phone I bought in Hong Kong.

I’ve found a problem with having so many riders…

Not enough time to ride with them all!!

I rode with another Korean club tonight from 8:30 until 10:30 and they wanted to ride again, unfortunately I’m busy Saturday until Tuesday when I leave Korea, so tomorrow is our only chance, I’ve planned out my afternoon but not my morning (I was thinking that sleep might be a good plan), but they want me to come do muni with them!

How could I say no. I’m not riding Muni with the KUF tomorrow, from 9-12:30, then Saturday from 9-1 I’m riding with the KUA learning unicycle archery and probably helping teach little kids, then Hockey again on Sunday!!!

I have never unicycled so much in my life!

I was thinking o I can just relax when I leave Korea, but I’m going to Tokyo!

To make matters worse I have been told that the Miyata store is in Harajuku!!! Not only is Harajuku pretty much awesome cool, but there is THE Miyata store there!

Sleep is for sissies!