Riders in Bartlesville/Tulsa Oklahoma

Looking for riders(or jugglers, for that matter), in the Bartlesville/Tulsa Oklahoma area. I am relocating there in a couple of weeks.

I did a search and found nothing for the area and nothing for Oklahoma that was recent.


p.s. Trials, street, flat, freestyle, muni. I just want someone to ride with.

I’m here. What kind of riding are you into? I have a Coker but mainly do muni.
I’m down for about 12 weeks due to shoulder surgery, but I can show you the local trails, both paved and off-road.

Well, I haven’t really put enough hours into it to call myself any one type of rider. I wouldn’t mind doing some Muni stuff(I have a 24" Muni) but, with my athsma, I have to take frequent breaks.

I’d love to get a 29" or, 36" and do some paved riding. I think that a bigger wheel and smaller cranks would help me in the breathing department. 150mm cranks are great for stability on trails but, they kill my quads if I’m just going for distance. I can get further on my freestyle or trials unis than on my muni.

I’ll be moving to Bartlesville(east side) in two weeks. I’ll shoot you a pm once I get settled.


Sorry I never got back with you, Doug. It sort of just slipped my mind. I’m still down with getting together, if you’re still interested. I looked on Unicycling.org and checked the OK roster and found a handful of Tulsa/Broken Arrow riders. Do you know if any of them are still around?

I’ve been meeting with the Tulsa Juggling Club every Tuesday down at the OSU Osteopathic Medicine building at 1111 W.17th st. in Tulsa from 6pm to whenever. They let me unicycle in there too.

My wife and I recently checked out the Osage National Park, just west of Bartlesville. There are some cool little muni spots there. I sold my 24" but, still ride my trials on the trails. :slight_smile: