RIdeReport, 2 hours of muni in -16C

I promised a ridereport in another thread, so here it is. :slight_smile:

I have my pictures posted in my gallery!

Last night, i stayed up until 3 am, fixing the pedals for my muni, because they had been lying there in molecules the past week, and i couldn’t use my trial-pedals, the pins are cut down on those, and they get quite slippery in the snow…
Was so pose to get up at 9 or 10 this morning, that didn’t happened, waked up at 12:14…
There is not much sunlight this time of year, it sets about 2am i think, so i had quote a rush getting going, ate my breakfast and warmed 1.5 litre of strawberry/dragon fruit-lemonade, wrapped it in a towel and put it into my platypus hydration bag, tight fit but i managed to get it in there at last.

First layer was polyester underwear, second was fleece, on top of this i had wool socks, and another pair of thick socks on that, because i have no good shoes for this, yet, i ride in my skateshoes with lots of socks in… a shell-pant and a lightly insulated jacket, a hat and a scarf, a pair of gloves, and i’m ready to go!

Called my dog Kanel, took my muni and went outside… My thermometer shoved -14°C (7°F), the forecast had said -17, so i guess it was better than expected.
I head of towards the woods, only ~1km away.

Riding snow-mobile tracks is awesome, it’s quite smooth but still a challenge when it’s a bit softer, with small bumps on it! As i had seen the day before, the tracks were “lagom” (Swedish word for “not to little, not to much”) hard… snow has the ability to get very slippery when really hard packed, and it’s really hard to ride on when it’s semi-rigid, this was perfect.
First i rode a small gravel-track, to get to the chosen track, when i was about to turn onto the track, i saw a pedestrian coming towards me, i was off my muni calling for Kanel, she was a good 10 metres away, not the run-away kind of dog, but still quite curious… The pedestrian looked funny on my muni lying on the ground, but didn’t say anything, i was busy taking a photo so i didn’t interact.

Then taking my muni down the track, a good 2 km before betting to a crossing road, crossing it and passed the local skiing-”stadium”, with light up tracks for the skiers joy, these were not lit at the moment, daytime! Passed one more road and taking the track out towards the sea, still very nice tracks, took some photos on the way there, a really spectacular view with the sunset over the horizon over the sea, when it’s this cold! Had plans to take a track out on a cape, but the tracks weren’t hard enough to actually ride it, sun had been on it the past few hours so it were slippery too, change of plans. instead of heading right i took a left turn which gave me lots of hard-packed tracks to ride, first on a road near the verge of water (ice!), i heard a couple of snow-mobiles coming up from behind, i dismounted and got Kanel under control, they passed. Heading down the shore into the woods, passing one small road and one a bit bigger, passing my old elementary-school by 100 metres. I started feeling really tired and took a right onto a crossing trail, to get to a place to rest.
I drank quite a lot of my lemonade (still warm!), i tried to ride into the woods by a trail where no snowmobile had go, really really hard, i was a bit to tired and not that happy with upding every few metres… headed down the path i had come, taking a right again, and i was back on to the trail i had left to rest, continuing in the same derection as before…
I got a creek (that flows 20 metres from my house by the way, but that’s 2/3 km upstream), the tracks were crossing it, and it looked safe, so i passed it to, no problems there, except the shore on the other side was too steep to ride up.
Riding a bit more, coming out to the habited areas again, but only for a 100 metres or so, i took a right onto a trail witch lead by the shore round a bay, a bit more habited area, and then i headed right into the woods again, took a picture showing the route of “Hörnefors Runt”, witch i pretty much followed this day.

Now i was on my regular muni-track, i thought, but the tracks didn’t take the same way as i usually do when there is no snow, but it’s still good! I rode about a km before I had the same three snowmobiles passing me again, no problems this time either. Headed to “Gråbolandet”, a little cabin on top of a cape, with a nice downhill-session on the way down, you get up with a bit easier track, met a friend who rode a snow racer behind a ATV then on top, they suggested i was going down the slope, i asked if it were lots of ice, they said some… But it was all right! A little blank spot witch i rode over like noting… at the bottom i did a rolling 180 raised my hands to the sky, they waved and continued their tour, not down this slope, i did another 180 and continued riding…
Came down to the shore, and met a very nice site, the bay half covered with ice, the sun setting out at sea, and water-vapour coming up from the open water, a magic sight!

The ride back to the community were really nice! Not much happened, but it was fun tracks. :slight_smile:
When i came out in habited areas again, felt a rush of joy to have completed this tour, i started to ride back home, 1 km, from the other direction witch i first started form home, a nice circle completed!

Conclusion: It is very underestimated to ride on cold weather, my toes hurt a bit when i got in, but that’s because i rode in skate-shoes with double socks in, a better pair of shoes would have don it. I didn’t freeze apart from that! Riding trough the woods thinking it had getting warmer, to about -2 degrees, just because i felt so warm and happy, had a shock when the thermometer showed it was -18°C when i got home, the opposite of what i had expected!

I have to do this again!

Excellent stuff! Sounds great fun - and a very different sort of ride from what most of us consider “normal”. Rolling 180s at the bottom of a snow and ice slope!

When I was 18, I could neither ride a unicycle, nor write stories in a foreign language. I’m still only half way there. Respect!

Thank you for posting that, You have given me a really good picture of a fun afternoon riding in conditions I will probadly never experience on my home ground. keep up the good work.

Nice story. We don’t get much snow here but the couple of times I’ve ridden muni in snow have been excellent fun. The unicycle seems to handle much better in snow or ice than a bike does.