Ride the Lobster @ UNICON XV

Corbin Dunn, a member of RTL’s Team Texacali, competed in Wellington, New Zealand, at UNICON XV. Held in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, December 27, 2009 to January 7, 2010, Corbin won the Expert Class Marathon. In the top six finishers, only Frances’s Martin Charrier had not been at RTL. He finished 2nd. Ken Looi, NZUni, was 3rd; Jan Logeman, German Speeders, 4th; and Team Manly Legs’ (Canada) David Cox, 5th. Guinness World Record holder for longest unicycle ride in 24 hours, Sam Wakefield of Team Smile, placed 6th. Sam’s 2007 record, 453.6 kms (281.85 miles) still stands.