Ride the Lobster: Team Personal Roller Coaster winter qualifying ride

rolanissimo and mate winter qualifying
Finally. Roland Perry and Steve Relles found a two-day window of opportunity between this season’s blizzards and snowstorms to qualify for Ride The Lobster.

On the Friday evening before the ride several centimetres of snow fell. Roland insisted on battling the elements that weekend, despite forecasts of increasing wind and snow. On March 1st, 2008, they began. Not only did they have to overcome the wicked winds and blowing snow, they had to dance with the traffic and the potholes. The first part of the ride was easy. They knew the short 125mm cranks on 36″ wheels on the upcoming rolling hills would become a challenge. Through Albany, Troy, Rennselaer, Castleton-on-Hudson and Kinderhook they wheeled. After a short stop, change of clothes, a meal and Gatorade at friend’s, and a whining phone call back home (only to be told to ‘suck it up’) came the real challenge — biting winter headwinds. They rode into the twilight zone of doubt, but eventually finished Day 1, cold and shivering. A beer and hot stove awaited their arrival back home.

The second day was shorter — still cold, but with blue, clear skies — along winding roads. They even enjoyed a short stay at a coffee shop to wolf down mozzarella and cheese sandwiches and rich chocolate torte. Another beer awaited them after another cold day on a unicycle.

Roland & Steve, both from New York State, and Vince LaMay, (in the middle) from Montreal: Team Personal Roller Coaster finished 4th overall in RTL.