Ride the Lobster (RTL) Travel Mates

Hey hey,

yes you read it right. I’m looking for travel mates after the ride.

I intend to tour the US a little - where exactly I’m not decided yet and am open to suggestions but I’m leaning towards New York since my transfer’s there. Would anyone else be touring North America after the ride and would want a travel buddy? Females preferred because it’d save on lodging costs.

Can you drop me an email at flixflux@hotmail.com if you’re interested?

How long are you going to have to tour around the States. I am assuming that by tour you mean…renting a car, or taking a bus or something?

Another way to save on lodging costs is to just camp. When I drove across the States I brought a tent and sleeping bag and camped just about every night. There are a lot of great places to see that you can camp at for cheap or free.

I can give you some ideas/suggestions for places to go and see, but in order to do that I need to know if you are trying to see natural sights (camp/hike) or if you are trying to see big cities (Chicago/NYC).

p.s. New York City is overrated :slight_smile:

Good point. I haven’t a driver’s license so that’s limited.

I’ll be free for 4-7 days afte the ride. Like I said, I haven’t decided on what I want to do and it really depends on who I end up travelling with.

You should come to Ottawa after the ride, Ottawa is the capital of Canada and we have unicyclists here that are cool, unfortunatly I will be in China then, but I’m sure other riders here would like to ride with you. Actualy I would recomend that you go to Montreal, then Ottawa, then Toronto (three of Canada’s most important cities). From Toronto you are right next to Niagara falls, which is also next to New York.

So there you go Travel plans solved! O and there are Unicycle clubs all along the way :p.

O damn you don’t have that much time, well those are some good places to start looking into. Its about 7 hours bus ride between Montreal and Toronto, and Ottawa is in between about two hours from Montreal, just to give you some estimate on distance.

If you need a place to stay for a night, you’re welcome at our house in Albany, NY. We’re 2+ hours due north of NYC and 2 hours south of the Adirondack Mtns, which are beautiful.

The canada itinerary sounds awesome. Would anyone else be keen to travel and spend a couple of days on that route?

Well, my support person and I are road tripping it to and from RTL and our route goes thought/passes by both Ottawa and Montreal and we are located about an hour from Toronto. I’m not sure if we’ll have any extra room in the car for another person yet due to all the stuff we might be bringing.
So, if you want, I could discuss with Ben (support) if we’ll have enough room. But no guarantees quite yet.

Ok I’m getting pressure to settle on an itinerary.

No one else is travelling around after RTL???

Anyone driving back to the US or Toronto and wants to put up with a smelly singaporean or two?