Ride the Lobster Qualifiying Question

OK, so…
Roland (Rolandisimo) and I rode our 1st day of qualifying for RTL today. I imagine this has been asked already, but I couldn’t find it with a search, so I’m hoping someone in a position to know this will chime in before tomorrow’s ride.

We did 101 km, with 870 m of climbing, so 215 points objectively. However, we live in the NE US and it’s winter. Conservatively, we rode 30k directly into high winds, and the last 20 km (it was more than that) was
a) night-time, and
2) really cold, like the water on the road had frozen

So, according to the calculator, with 101km, 870m climbing, 30k strong winds, 20k night, 20k freezing cold (the whole day was cold - it’s freaking winter - but we’ll say 20k), we’ve got 311 points.

How cold is cold, anyway?

How far do we have to ride tomorrow?

Incidentally, the carry-over is 65 points.

Lots of people used the subjective rating for their qualifying rides. I didn’t myself, but I was smart enought to qualify last september, during a hot and sunny weekend! :wink:

So around 70km of flat terrain in ideal condition is what you need for a ±150 rating with that great 311 points.

Go teammates!

Well, I guess it’s probably a bit late for a reply now, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

The subjective part is how you felt the ride went for you. If you thought that it was cold enough to make it harder, then include some K’s for that. If you thought it was windy enough to make it hard, then include some K’s for that too.

Other riders may have ridden in colder or wetter or windier weather, but they are not you.

Of course there’s nothing to stop you adding in loads of all the subjective bits (well, nothing to stop you adding on a load of total distance either), but, at the end of the day, if you’ve not got it in you to qualify, then you’re going to suffer badly during the race itself.

Just my two penneth.