Ride the Lobster: a uni built for two?

When the RTL wobble completed Day 1, riders were met by local baker and bike mechanic Doug Brown and his son, seen here on the parade grounds of Parks Canada’s Fort Anne National Historic Site in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.
Thanks to intrepid RTL photographer and rider John Foss for the image.

Can this still be called a (two) uni(s)? ;-D
Or is it a tandem?

A side-by-side tandem ? :rofl:

So if the question is: a unity or a duality, then the answer is duality.
Really, though, the builder was just having a bit of fun. Thanks for your interest!

So was I. On a more serious note, I imagine it must be rather difficult to ride this …thing. Kudos to he guys in the picture. And to the inventor; I‘m amazed how many variations of unicycles have been constructed. You‘d think a uni is enough of a novelty, yet people keep driving it even further. That‘s great.