Ride the Lobster 800 km 5-day Marathon Nova Scotia 2008

Fifteen years later, time to write the story of how 35 teams from around the world arrived in Nova Scotia for a one-of-a-kind unicycle event.
I was part of the support team, handling media relations, and writing stories about the event.
Would like to hear your stories, whether you took part or knew someone who did or were following the event on-line.

Thanks for any help you might offer.
Roll on.


That was the first unicycle event I wanted to attend, but unfortunatly, I was still at that age when you need to ask your parents if you can go, and the answer was no :frowning:


Hi, Jaco. How did you hear about the race? And, how long had you been riding at the point?
Good to hear from you.

I had a local friend going (who isn’t riding anymore) and he wanted me to be part of his team. I dont even know who his team members were, he was the only one local to me. I must’ve been riding for about 4-5 years at the time. All I had was a 20’’ Trials! I would have gotten myself a 36 for the event.

Jaco, I did the marketing for this event, and still have team lists, time trial results, and so on.
In case you didn’t have a chance to look at the final results, the German team (A. Tilgen, J. Lagemann, and J. Helck) won, and were 24 hours ahead of the pick-up Nova Scotia team which finished last.
The German team all rode 36s.

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