Richmond, VA uni rides

I’ll probably be setting up the slackline again today near the VCU Cabel Library (around 6pm) if anyone’s interested, bring a unicycle.

Here’s a map

Sounds like fun, but I’ll be parking cars. Are you unicycling on said slackline or just walking?

I’m unicycling to the spot where said slackline will be slackened, but unicycling on the slackline probably only works in theory.

Edit: I’ll probably be hanging out for a little bit today, but there’s been a change in plans- I doubt I’ll be around for longer than 30-45minutes and that’s only if I can get out to the spot before 6pm, so
Slackline is Canceled

Who’s up for an quasi-organized Belle Isle Muni Weekend, say Saturday, August 4? There’s another bike trials competition scheduled that day out on the rocks, and it’s actually part of the Official NATS schedule, so it’ll probably be a big turnout.

Here’s just a few pictures of Local Max rocking out on one of the lines at the comp a few weeks ago. You can expect the same sort of terrain at the Aug. 4 comp. The pictures show a “Sport” Section line, but there’ll be “Beginner” lines too. After the comp, we can muni around the island and surrounding trails, then maybe watch some uni DVDs. If folks want to come down Friday, we could do some downtown street riding too.

Anyway, just a thought. Any interest?

I’m there. Sounds like fun.

count me in. i’ll probably be in for a friday street ride too. but that kinda depends upon everyone else tho.

Link to the Trials Comp Muni Weekend Extravaganza: Trials Comp/Muni ride - Richmond, VA

sort of last minute i know, but me and sandyray are goin downtown for a night street ride tonight (jul 17) at like 930 or so. we’ll be at kanawa plaza at about 945 0r 10 so if anybody wants to come out and ride with us feel free.

I’m heading out to the Belle Isle rocks right now (5:15pm 7/17/07) if anyone’s up. My cell phone’s dead, but I’ll be on the south side of island probably til 7:30 or later.

Max - Probably can’t make it out to Kanawa tonight.

this Friday…

Hey all you Richmond riders…

I think I will be coming down for this Friday…any time recommendation? If it’s gonna be in the evening, I’ll probably work for the first half of the day and then come down to ride later on…if not, I’ll take Friday off (if my wife doesn’t gripe!).

So anyone let me know what’s the deal. I won’t be coming for Belle Isle ride on Sat. so Friday is the only day. If I get no response or if it looks uneventful / bad weather, then I won’t come. So let me know!

Never Mind

I apologize everyone. I will not be able to make it at any time this weekend…some things have come up and I can’t come…:frowning:

thee isn’t this weekend coming up, its the first weekend in august, the fourth and 5th

What’s up with VA’s Unicyclists?

Hey everyone. Joey here.

I haven’t been riding as much as I use to but I still ride. My left crank is messed up from all the kick-up mounts I have done. The pedal is loose in the threads of the crank (even though I’ve tightened it) it still gets loose. So I ordered new cranks. I also got some leg armor. It’s about time that I did b/c of all the wounds on my leg! I have some serious scarrage but now I can finally protect my legs.

I have been riding my 29" alot lately. I’d like to do some street-distance riding. The 125mm cranks I put on this makes it about 1mph faster on average. I’ve clocked 14mph top speed on it and I have an average cruising speed of 9mph for a distance of 2 miles. One day I’ll be able to afford a 36.

Good news: my cousin is now an active unicyclist and we’re both doing rides through Fredericksburg. He’s a beginner but a fast learner. He pretty much learned how to ride in an estimated 5 hours of riding time. What I mean is that every time I came over to see him, he would try my unicycle. His riding time is very small but he’s already able to ride…and I estimate that it didn’t take him very long at all!

I’ve been busy with work and school so I haven’t had the time to come to Richmond. I’d like to schedule another meet-and-ride sometime. I also have a friend in Culpeper that has 2 or 3 others riding now. He’s really good at street & trials uni.

Anyway, don’t think that I’ve just dropped off the face of the earth. I’m still eager to ride w/ others so anyone from VA, hit me up and let’s ride!

Well when I went down to Richmond for the trials comp we talked about doing a thing up here in DC to bring the Philly riders down and the Richmond riders up, and anyone in between. I’m definitely going to do this and make a weekend out of it. Friday would be trials/street somewhere (rock creek park maybe, I’ve never been though) and saturday Muni at fountainhead regional park which is probably the best muni in the area (bit of a hike out past lorton though).

Anyway, I’ll be organizing this sometime between or during my thanksgiving break, and my winter break which is right around christmas. Frank said he was probably doing the belle ilse thing again, so I was thinking it would be good to do the two around the same time like within a month of each other so they would both get more recognition from people farther up and down the east coast than just VA.

I’ll be making a thread in a while about the washington ride, so heads up.

Is this Vancouver?

are you talking about richmond vancouver? or is VA a state?

Virginia, USA.

It’s a commonwealth actually =]

I don’t know my states well:D
Canadian eh?


Does anyone know where you can find / buy T-shirts featuring unicycling? I don’t like the selection from and can’t seem to find any other t-shirt sites that have shirts featuring unicycles…

Just wanted to post for you all in this Richmond area or pretty much this region that another Belle Isle comp is in the midst for Oct. 13. For more information keep up with this thread on the Observed Trials forum.