Richmond Trials Comp

I don’t have very high hopes that this will generate much interest, but I thought I’d post it anyway. I met up with a bike trialser on the rocks south of Belle Isle and evidently there will be an informal bike trials competition there on Sept. 17. He wasn’t organizing it but he said he was sure unicyclists would be welcomed, at least to hang out and ride around (I’m sure they’d want us to follow NATS rules).

There’s a thread about it on

Anyhow, I plan to be there to spread the uni gospel and facilitate reconciliation twixt our equally valid sports. It’s a really awesome place to hop around, regardless of skill level. I live just 10 minutes riding distance away and would be happy to put people up for a night or two.

Nice Belle Isle pic. Let me know when you and any other unicyclists will be going out there and we can carpool, I got a small car, but maybe 2 people with unis would fit…

Hey, I took that picture. I’ll keep an eye on that date and see if I can make it. Not that I’m much of a trials guy.

Sorry Phil, I didn’t mean to not give you credit.

If people want I’m up for just checking out the trials event for a little while, and then hitting the Belle Isle trails for our main event, maybe make a muni weekend out of it.

Of course I’m still planning on having the 4th more-or-less annual Belle Isle Muni Weekend sometime in Oct./Nov. Click back in our gallery (from “Belle Isle” link above) to “Hell on Wheel Events” to see pictures and video from the first three.

Muni sounds good to me. I haven’t been on Belle Isle in probably 2 years.

i would love to go to one of thease belle island meets and in november i can finaly drive

PDC are you the other guy who owns a Rowing frame?

Yes, it’s a great frame. Mine’s set up with an '04 Onza/Alex DX32 24 x 3 Wheelset.

Oops, that’s the old hub. Here’s the new.

That’s a nice looking unicycle. How has it held up for you? Have you changed the wheelset since you’ve had it?

I just bought the same frame, and so far (city blocks only), the Rowing machine has been incredibly light and well balanced. It almost feels like it allows a lot more forward lean than normal, but that could be a strange seat attribute.

I don’t have my own pictures yet.

I’m down for it, but I havent ridden hardly at all thsi summer with summer school, vacations, rescue squad, etc., so my trials game sucks.

This place is really fun, and has great trails for Muni too. Hopfully some out of town/state people will come, I can house people if need be.

Rescue squad? kick ass
…or is that like a band name or something?

Anyway, yeah I plan to just hop around for like a half-hour and then hit the trails. And unless we’re talking rolling trials, I’m not impressing anybody either.

Just a bump. Has anyone else caught on to this?

Last bump. Who all’s coming? I was going to make a post on the bike trials forum letting them know we’re coming, but it wouldn’t let me register (must have some “unicyclist filter” or something). I’m going to try to be there around 12-1 this sunday, and again, I don’t plan to compete, just commune for a while and go ride muni. I’ve been doing an awesome loop up one side of the river and down the other that takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, if yawl want to do that. I’m game for whatever.

I’ll be there, meeting Frank (hell on wheel) at about 11:30. Looking forward to some great Muni. I’ll be more of a trials observer.

How 'bout it -

and the long lost Glazer brothers?

I talked to John Glazer (who’s also into bike trials) about it yesterday, and he said he had to work. I’m actually gonna go riding with him tomorrow at 10 though, if anyone wants to join us.

Like PDC said, I’ll be in the parking lot at 11:30 this sunday.

Here’s some directions/map from last year’s BIMW thread…that was a good time.

I’ll be there on Sunday to hug every other tree on the trail in my attempt to stay mobile. The only other unicylist I’ve ever seen is Frank and that was Tuesday; the man rolls straight up a hill, that, 10 degrees more verticle, would be a wall. I pretty much did this thing :astonished: and proceded to walk.

Blunt, you tree hugger. Do you need to borrow a 24" Muni? I can bring my Rowing for you to use.

does anybody have any extra seat post bolts?

Im missing one on my muni and it flexes like a mofo.