Ok, so this isn’t a “unicycle product review” but rather a “unicycle retailer review.”

Alright, to begin with I would give a C grade. Why? I will explain.

About a month ago (mid-June) I decided I wanted to purchase a trials unicycle. After much research I decided on the 20" Qu-ax splined hub trials mainly because of the price. I would have prefered to order it from UDC (located in the USA) rather than (located in Germany) but UDC said they would be out of stock for the next month and a half. I was impatient and excited and decided to order the Qu-ax from To my surprise after shipping was added in I found out that it was actually cheaper overall to get the unicycle from The only downside I thought was that I might have to wait an extra week or two for it to arrive.

So I placed the order on June 16th and Roland at municycle told me it was shipped out the 17th. So then I waited and waited. After 3 grueling weeks I contacted Roland asking him if he knew how long it usually takes to ship to people in the U.S. He was a little surprised I hadn’t received it yet. He told me to wait another week and then contact him. Well…still no sign of the unicycle. We determined today that the package has been lost in the mail and said they’d refund me my money. I was thankful I got all my money back but pretty pissed that I’d waited a month for absolutely nothing. Well…what can you do. The search for a new trials continues.’s communication was great. But I just wouldn’t recommend them to anyone not living in Europe. I’ve heard great things about the company but my experience just happened to be bad. It wasn’t really’s fault the told me they do use very cheap shipping for overseas.

I just can’t rate them any better than a C because I never got my unicycle.

Now if you want you can post your good or bad experiences with the company.

How was it shipped, what company? Did it have a tracking number?

I don’t see how it’s’s fault if the shipping company lost the package. If it was lost in transit it is the shipping companies fault. If it had a wrong address then it’s either your fault or’s fault. Either way, refunded your money which is about the best you can hope for in that situation.

Exactly, I’m very thankful that they refunded my money. It’s just that I personally wouldn’t order from them again.

They said they shipped it through “German Post.” I’ve never heard of this before. But supposedly it was only $50 USD while UPS with a tracking number was $190 USD! So they pretty much had to use German Post or else almost no one from the U.S. would order from them. Municycle told me they haven’t been happy with German Post’s service but really don’t have any other options. They said once it leaves their store they have no control or knowledge of it. And also I did give them the correct address.

So yes, it’s really not their fault. They did the best they could. It’s just an unfortunate event that I wanted to share.

As I was thinking about rating them overall I just couldn’t give them an “A” seeing as how I never received my unicycle. I guess I could break it down more then.

Customer Service: A
Prices: A
Selection: A
Timeliness: F

(Once again, this is just a bad experience I had with them. I know many other people here have had great experiences with them. Maybe I have too high of expectations but remember it’s just my opinion here!)

A friend of mine sent me a birthday present from the US to here (Germany). She sent it two weeks in advance, as the post office told her it would get here well within that time at the rate she paid.

A MONTH AND A HALF after my birthday, i got the box. It had been opened at least twice and had tape from US customs and German customs wrapped around it.

I’ve also had experiences with packages getting accross the Atlantic faster than expected. What can you do? :o

Roland, from, is a great guy. Ive made one very fast purchase from him and also had the pleasure of riding with him at GMTW.

It is unfortunate what happened, WWUunicycler, but who knows, the uni may still show up.

Yeah, Roland seems like a very cool guy.

Ok, maybe I bad-mouthed a little too much. Cause hear this. They’ve already refunded my money and asked that if the package ever does come to refuse delivery so it will be sent back to them. Which means that if it ever does come I could decide to keep it and get away with a free unicycle. But I would never even think of that. I’ve grown up on better values than that. If it ever does come now I will refuse it and let Roland know to expect it returning to him. But it’s great that Roland is so trusting. :slight_smile:

I should be happy, but I’m still short a trials unicycle :frowning: …and half the summer’s over :frowning: :frowning:

If it does show up, why don’t you accept it. Then notify to pay for it. That way, you get what you wanted and Roland gets the sale after all.

i’ve ordered from a couple of times and emailed them with questions a couple of time and everytime dealing with them was great, they were always very helpful.

I might do just that…

but you see, I’m very tired of waiting and feel that my somewhat broken generic uni is holding me back right now. I’ve already been looking at the Kris Holm and Onza trials that are in stock at UDC. They’re more expensive than the Qu-ax but I don’t know if I can wait another month for to get more Qu-ax’s in.

So basically my patience is wearing thin. If I decide to order soon from UDC then I can’t accept the Qu-ax or I’d be stuck buying two.

Decisions decisions…(i’m thankful I have them though)

General Dibbles,

Do you remember how long it took for you to get any of your items?

Wow, what a day!!! My KH 20" trials from UDC came this morning and just a little while ago the Qu-ax from FINALLY showed up. But just like I said, I refused acceptance and it will now continue it’s journey all the way back to Germany. Roland will be happy.

It’s just weird, 2 in one day!!! What are the chances!


I´m not really happy because if the parcel is lost I´ll get costs for unicycle and shipping back from the German Post.

So I´ll only get back the unicylce and no shipping costs.

I try to do a good job and I hate it if anybody (in this case the German Post) destroy it …

I don`t know why shipping to USA takes so long. Shipping to Korea takes only a few days …

WWUunicycler, good to hear you have a Muni now :slight_smile:



I feel for Roland. Shipping Internationally is a No Win situation. The only affordable method is Post. If you use a reliable, trackable, insurable(reliably) method it is uasually more than the product.

I have just about as many boxes come back as we ship internationally, and I hate having to deal with it. Someday and I’ll run the numbers, but I am sure I loose money shipping internationally.

you sould have accepted delivery and sold it hear on the forum then wired Roland the money.

Shipping 30 DVD’s to Europe (a nice tight box, weighing about 3kg) cost about $80cdn. $60 for 6-8 weeks by surface

Roger at UDC in UK sent me got a package to me here in the states in 3 days. Used DHL shipping. Excellent. That was my UDC gel seat, loving it.

Deutsche Post / DHL

Hello all together,

I send a lot of packages to the USA and to Australia and every package arrive in different time ( 4 days up to 12 weeks )
They are all send by “Deutsche Post” which is the same company you maybe know as “DHL” . They are the biggest logistic company all over the world and normally they work. They are crazy for sure but they work.
It also depends on the very high and crazy security levels for entering the USA.
I really don’t understand why you give an C to, it must be a A+++ when I read what they do for you. Roland offers you all options that he could and take the full risk and you got at least your bike (on the same day you got the KH) It was really nice to send it back than and as you could read, Roland was very happy. He like to send Munis all around the world and look when they came back :slight_smile:
Instead of opening this thread against you better should use your brain. People like you maybe stop sometimes the international sale of and all other customers will say thank you to you WWUunicycler
They do their best on to make all customers happy and you even didn’t wrote an answer after Roland let you know that he is not really happy that you send it back cause he had to pay the complete 50$ for nothing.
UUUUps sorry, it was not for nothing, it was for an “C” from you !



One time my mom sent package to france it it got there over 6 months later.