Anyone have a review of these? I’m thinking about getting them but want to know if somone else has tested them out, mainly on street/trials riding.

i kno sum1 who has em on my team. ill ask him at practice 2day.

I highly recommend the 5050 crank brother’s pedal series, however…

I purchased the “XX” version new for almost the same price. The “X” version is a loose-ball design, which is a pain to maintain for a Muni. If you were going to purchase the “X” model, I’d recommend simply getting any other brand loose-ball pedal (SNAFU, JC, etc) for a much better price. In the “X” model, you are simply paying for a nice machined\anodized platform look with the only feature over a standard platform being that you can remove the plates for customized colors, and to clean the pedal (are you riding in the mud?).

The “XX” retail for around $120, but if you are savvy, you can find them online for only $10 more than the cost of the “X” (in the link you sent).

If you want to know what maintaining a loose-ball pedal is like, you can view this thread:

Thanks for all the advice guys and I sure do appreciate it. I’m looking at getting into some trials/street type riding so I’m pretty sure mud won’t be a problem. Thanks again for all the help and if anyone else has something to add please feel free.


They are meant for downhill racing. They come with extra different color plates. I felt the grip was good, but not noticeably better than the Jim C’s. Very cool looking, but I suspect they will get destroyed quickly after a few pedal grabs. The plates are kinda flimsy to hold that type of abuse.

Those were my initial impressions of them while testing them out in the parking lot of Dan’s shop.

EDIT: I gots me some 8.5 EEEE width feet, so I know about slippage.