[Review Wanted] ONZA Sticky Fingers 2.5x19" trials tire


I am looking for a non-CC trials tire to replace my worn out CC (I’ve only ever ridden a CC and I would like to try something else). I will be purchasing from UDC Germany, so please only recommend tires from there.

I’m running an Alex DX-32 rim (38mm wide) so I assume that the 20x2.7” Monty isn’t a good choice because it would be better on a wider rim like the KH (47mm wide). Is this a good assumption?

I am thinking of going with the ONZA Sticky Fingers. What are people’s opinions on the ONZA?

UDC states it is a “Dual compound tyre with hard outer tread and soft sticky centre tread for better grip.”

How durable is this “soft” centre?
How does its durability compare to that of a CC? And finally
How does its performance compare to other trials tires (particularly the CC)?


I recon the monty 2.7" would be fine on a DX-32, i mean it might fold more than on a 47mm rim, but it’s still be good.

Also i recon the sticky fingers is crap. I had one on a 20" learner uni. ANd well the soft core, wears out… and clever as onza is, the core is wot wears out first. I mean who wears the edges of their tyres out???

Full soft compound tires are better since u’ll get more grip when u need it, like riding skinies and stuff. The hard compound on the onza wont be able to give you that.

If you want to change go for a try-all tyre though, i mean they are very different. Cause the monty/CC have the same block type pattern. Personally i’m gonna try a CC, i’ve been riding a try-all.

try to get your hands on a monty eagle claw 2.6" tire. I just got one and its awesome.

it doens’t fold very much, but its really bouncy, and its crazy grippy.

its all soft compound. It’s like an upgraded CC

Does the Sticky Fingers (http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/5/products_id/629) fit in an LX frame, by chance? I was thinkng about repairing my LX, and making it into a super-light flatland machine.

Nah, that wouldn’t fit the LX frame and why would you need a trials tire for flatland anyhow?

Well flatland involves a lot of static hopping, and a big tire helps out a lot. If you can picture the LX with a big tire, compare it to a Black Domina, the ultimate flatland uni.

Has anybody actually ridden both the 19x2.5" version of the Sticky Fingers and a CC?
I’m trying to compare the two so there is no point in saying the Sticky Fingers is ‘crap’ when it comes to durability when you haven’t used a CC.

I was under the impression that the outer section of the tire was harder compound than the centre but not necessarily hard compound.

I am going to get the Sticky Fingers. Even if it wears twice as fast as my CC, it will still last about a year.

Thanks for the help guys.

nah the outer compound is very hard. At least it was on the 20" tyre. And the soft was very soft. if that makes sense :smiley:

I personally have the Onza Stickyfingerz, it is a great tire if you like a semi-hard tire, but in my opinion it takes too much of the “flex” out of a standard tire (Maxis CC). It would probably be a decent street tire but I personally don’t like it for trials.


there is a great review on all of the tires in RSU somewhere…

joe hodges and ryan atkins did it, if i’m not mistaken…

they didn’t like the sticky fingers if i remember correctly…

personally, i am happy with my try-all tire… it was very tall skinny and round at first, but over time it has become more flat and fat… i like it a lot compared to the CC simply because it does not fold nearly as easily and is more predictable, even if the rebound feels “slower”

From this thread.