Review: Sugoi Turbo/Turbo Tri Riding Shorts

I have ridden bikes, road and mountain for many years so I am used to riding with lycra and a padded insert. My preference has always been to choose shorts with a thin pad, old school, vs the thicker padded shorts they sell now. The problem I find with using most riding shorts in muni is that the liner doesn’t seem to keep the jewels from getting pinched.

The only short that has worked well enough fir uni was the Hoss MTB short, which has a lycra inner attached to a cargo short outer. I like the Hoss, they’re relatively inexpensive and tough, but they seem to shrink over time, they’re hot, and they still get uncomfotable on long rides.

So, I went on the hunt, trying dozens of shorts, road, MTB, liners, etc… then I started looking at catalogs and comparing liners, that’s when I saw that the simplest liners were those used by Tri folks. So I headed to REI and scored some shorts.

Sugoi Turbo Short ($40): These are a lycra, non liner version that have a neat “jewel sack” which suspends the parts out of the way. These are not a long short, only 7.5", but they are long enough to reduce thigh rub. They worked great, a really nice short for light riding, esp trials where you don’t need much, but you want your stuff secure. Very lightweight and cool.

Sugoi Turbo Tri short ($50): These shorts are similar in design to the Turbo, but have a thin cycling insert and grippy legs. I wanted these for longer rides and for muni. I scored some from REI for $30 each, which is a nice deal. I rode twice this past weekend and found that they work far better than my Hoss shorts and they are much more breathable. These could be worn alone, but I ride with a MTB nylon cargo short to protect against snags.

Seriously, these shorts are far and above anything I’ve tried for unicycling. Check out REI, they are still on sale. Fit is true to size, tight on biker thighs, but manageable, draw string waist, awesome Sugoi quality.